Osho on Advise

Question – Beloved Osho, Should We take your advice not to take anyone’s advice?
Osho – Advice is the only thing in the world which everybody gives and nobody takes. You can ask me a question, but you cannot ask for advice; I am not that foolish. I will never give you any advice, because who am I to give you advice? You are unique, every individual is unique. My advice will be my experience. That may distract you from your own life, that may take you away from your own being. I have never advised anyone.

Yes, you can ask a question. The answer that I give only has to be understood, it has not to be accepted on my authority. You have to be just a listener to it, without any prejudice. My answer, listened to without any prejudice, will become a totally different thing in you; it will be molded by your being. Then it is no longer mine; it is yours.

That’s the function of a master — not to create followers, but to create masters. I am not saying anything to be believed. I am saying, just give me a little understanding, try to understand what I am saying to you. Listen — and it will take a different shape, a different form, a different aura within you. It will not be the same that was said, because words are empty.

When the words are in my heart they are full. The moment they leave my lips, the content is left behind; only the container reaches you. But if you allow the container to enter you, it will reach your heart — because it is coming from the heart — and your heart will fill it with its own content. Then it is yours, it has nothing to do with me.

You cannot blame me; whatever happens to you, it is your responsibility. I just like talking — I don’t take any responsibility. Why should I take anybody’s responsibility? I like talking, you like listening — good! So far, so good. But understand the whole alchemy of listening: listening rightly, you will have your own understanding flowering. You will not be dependent on me, you will not be my follower. You will be yourself.

You are asking for advice. I don’t give any advice. And I say to you, don’t ask anyone for advice either. You ask advice only because you are not courageous enough to experience on your own. The moment you ask for advice, you become a slave. And if you follow it, you have committed suicide. I don’t want you to commit suicide. I want you to grow higher and higher into life, into love, into light.

Source – Osho Book “From The False to The Truth”

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