these days lot of sexual exploitation and spiritual fraud is happening in the name of tantra
and many of these sexual exploitation cases are linked with osho resort therapists too.

“Swami Deva Prashantam – a therapist from osho resort pune teachings in russia
who has many cases of sexual exploitation in russia in the name of tantra”

e.g. check this site of Swami Deva Prashantam,


Its important to know osho views on tantra:
Osho on shortcoming in Tantra teachings


excerpt from swami rajneesh book –
“talk between osho miasto therapist and swami rajneesh on the issue of

misuse and sexual exploitation of tantra by osho resort therapists”


swami rajneesh book - stop drop dead

therapist swami advaita:  but you like to talk only on this ?

swami rajneesh:
because i am here
they have send messages against me
devapath is there
he has sent messages against me all over russia

therapist swami advaita:  he never sent a message against you

swami rajneesh:
prashantam is here
who has sent a message against me in russia
i do not want to go into details about these people
but i can if they want…
you understand what i mean ?
if you want i can go on each therapist one by one…
and i will speak and i can bring myself in front of them
and they can speak…this is my challenge…
all have become silent…they know their exploitation

anything else ?
can we dance again ?

therapist swami advaita: much better !

bring the rest of them tomorrow
at least i will have some more fun…
tell devapath and prashantam to come
they can come…they are welcome…

therapist swami advaita: rajneesh you are not so important
that they will bother to come to you

swami rajneesh:
if i am no so important then they do not need
to send messages worldwide against me…all over the world !

six hundred centers have received a message against swami rajneesh
all over russia…i have now our own centers in russia
devapath has been going from place to place teaching tantra…
earning forty thousand dollars…
and i do not want to tell you what he is teaching with his tantra
and i do not want to tell you…
what prashantam is giving with his tantra classes and to whom…

any therapist having a relationship
forcibly or otherwise with any innocent seeker of truth is a criminal
let me put it on record categorically
if any therapist has raped or abused sexually
or exploited any single girl
who has come into the russian groups
i would say put that person behind bars…
they are ruining the reputation of my master
they are exploiting these young innocent girls
and they have no right to use our masters name
for tantra to have personal sexual relationships
forcibly or otherwise with anybody in their groups !
this is against the law and violates therapist client relationship

and if i am wrong
then again i am saying
i will stop speaking

this is exactly what is happening
and there are many instances against these therapists
they should be barred and removed
they should be investigated
infact i am going to speak against such osho therapists worldwide
because these are unlicensed people
they do not even have psychiatric license to work
it should be called personal development mumbo jumbo and not therapy

therapy is an educated form of entering into somebodies personal issues
osho therapists are uneducated and unlicensed therapists
with not enough knowledge to distribute what they are distributing
at the most they are just ordinary personal development trainers…
and they should not use oshos name
because they are not professionally certified
infact this form of unprofessional therapy should be banned…

all these therapists should be banned in the world
because they have not got any proper education or licenses
clinical psychoanalysis for whatsoever value it may have…
atleast it needs three to six years of proper education

you can now enter the resort groups
and take a three months course
and start teaching as a therapist…
this is absolutely unacceptable
and i am going to speak loudly against these osho therapists
because they are not licensed….
and they are totally unconscious themselves

amrito is teaching hypnotherapy in poona
he is a known drunkard…drinks a bottle of wine a day
has been picked up by british police for abusive behavior
he has been known to abuse a swedish girl in the lao tzu house…
trying to tear off her clothes and he is teaching hypnotherapy !
a drunkard is teaching hypnotherapy to vulnerable seekers of truth
hypnotherapy is dangerous !

osho has said it again and again
that his hypnotherapist should mostly be women not men
and specially of the unconscious caliber of amrito
now here is a drunkard…hypnotherapist…head of osho hypnotherapy
consuming alcohol everyday…smoking twenty cigarettes a days
he has no sense of clarity…reality nor emotional content
his lungs are burnt out…he is utterly unconscious
and he is leading osho hypnotherapy…

you understand what i am saying
these are positions of very great relevance
you need to be very alert…very conscious…
misusing your master name
for teaching something which could be dangerous
all therapists should go back to some formal education…
they should be certified by some official system

i can give you many names of therapists who are criminals
in the sense that they have exploited girls…
i can give you the name of another group leader therapist…
he has known to have exploited a sixteen year old girl
now he is a therapist…
i can give you the names of massage therapists
who are exploiting girls within the ashram…
and the rubbish they speak when they give massage to these girls…
i would not even utter it on record

let me not go into details one by one…
be careful of these therapists !
they are not only dangerous…they are criminals !
and therapy should not be done by people who are not licensed
they have no education

when the living master was present
there was a certain soft understanding and some control
the master knew what was going on…
now these people are out of control
and made it into a business and profession…
and all they are doing is earning big sums of money…
and exploiting innocent young girls…

Source – Swami Rajneesh Book “STOP DROP DEAD”

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