Osho on a blissful personOsho – A blissful person is inevitably good, inevitably virtuous, and a miserable person is bound to be evil. A miserable person may try to do something good but he cannot.

You cannot give to people what you have not already got within you; you can give only that which you have. So the miserable person many times thinks to be good to people, he intends to be good but the outcome is always bad because he will act out of his confusion, darkness, misery; his action will be full of his darkness. Notwithstanding his intentions he will create more and more hell in the world.

In the past in almost all societies man has been told by all the priests ‘If you want to be blissful, be good.’ That is patent nonsense. I say just the opposite: ‘if you want to do good, be blissful.’ If you are blissful it is impossible, categorically impossible, to harm anybody. Your very bliss will prevent you. You will feel sympathy, compassion, love. You would like everybody to be blissful, because if you are blissful you will know clearly that if everybody else is also blissful your bliss will be multiplied a thousandfold.

It is as if you are clean but everybody else is dirty. How long can you remain clean? You are healthy but everybody else is ill. How long can you remain healthy? You have made a beautiful house, a garden, a swimming pool, a fountain, but the whole neighbourhood is dirty. How long can your garden be in existence? It cannot survive. We live in a world together with others.

So the blissful person becomes aware that it is good to help people to be blissful. It is not only altruistic, it is selfish too, because he knows ‘If more people around me are blissful, then my bliss will be multiplied, naturally.’

Remember the mathematics of bliss … and the same is true about misery: when you put two miserable persons together their miseries are not doubled, they are multiplied. Hence every Buddha has tried to create a sangha, a commune, where thousands of blissful people can be together. Then everyone’s bliss will be a millionfold, it will become almost immeasurable.

This is one of the fundamentals of my sannyas: be blissful and you will be virtuous. Forget all about virtue, character, morality. They will all come with your blissfulness, they are bound to follow like shadows following you.

Source – Osho Book “The Golden Wind”

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