Osho – A single glimpse transforms the whole life. Once you have looked into your innermost core, you are never the same again. Then your life is nothing but love. Then you live love, then you are love.

And that love is not the love that you know. What you know is nothing but lust camouflaged as love. What you know is a kind of exploitation, a mutual exploitation, of two persons who are not capable of being alone. They exploit each other and help each other to be together.

Real love arises only when the real man has been looked into, when the real man has been encountered. Then love is a state of being, not a relationship. Then you give because you can’t do anything else. Then you share — not that you DECIDE to share — then you find sharing happening. Then you bloom in love. Then great lotuses open up and the fragrance is released.

Buddha has said two words: PRAGYAN and KARUNA. PRAGYAN means samadhi, wisdom, enlightenment; and KARUNA means love, compassion. These two are two aspects of the one phenomenon of encountering the real man.

Look in! Enough you have looked out. Enough you have searched out. You have lived in the dark night for many many lives; it is time, it is ripe time, to look in. You have become VERY artificial, very unnatural.

Let me introduce you to yourself… become acquainted again with who you are. And a single glimpse transforms, and transforms for ever.

And again I would like to repeat: this transformation is not something special — it is very ordinary because it is just your nature. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you. Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and ye shall find….

Source – Osho Book “Take it Easy, Vol 1”

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