Osho - A surrender is surrender

Osho – Deva means divine, Arpana means surrender – divine surrender. There is a surrender which one can manage; that is a human surrender. It is surrender only for the name’s sake because the door remains the human mind and anything that is done by the human mind cannot be surrender. Deeply hidden behind, the controller is still existing and if at any moment the mind decides it wants to, the surrender will disappear, it can be taken back.

And a surrender that can be taken back is not worth much. A surrender is surrender only when there is no way of going back, because who can take it back? There is nobody left behind to claim it again. In the surrender, the ego has disappeared. Now there is no way to fall back on, there is no place to fall back to, there is nobody to fall back. That surrender cannot be human, that surrender is divine. It happens only through the first surrender of course; you have to be willing.

The first surrender creates willingness – a receptivity on your part – and then one day the second surrender arises. You are possessed by God, suddenly you are no more. You look this side and that, within and without and you cannot find yourself. You have disappeared like dewdrops in the morning sun. That is true surrender, total, but the first helps; it clears the ground, prepares the ground. One has to begin with the first but the first is not the last word; that has to be remembered. One has to begin with it but not to end with it.

One has to go on praying, hoping, waiting for the divine surrender to happen. One should not become smug that one has done it – now there is no more to it. That closes the door. Any doing on the part of the human mind is only so-so, it is lukewarm. It is never total, cannot be total. The ego goes on hiding itself in some way or other. It can even pretend surrender. Remember the second – your name will remind you again and again. It happens only to those who wait for it with great longing, with patience, with love, with trust….

Source – Osho Book “Let_Go!”

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