Osho - Anybody else truth is not your truth

Osho – Truth is a discovery
And naturally all that we know about truth
Has to be dropped
Because we have not discovered it.

Anybody else truth is not your truth
And can never be your truth.
To believe in others’ truths
Is to remain in bondage.

Meditation is the way of dropping
All knowledge, all belief, all that is borrowed
So that you can discover on your own.

Unless truth is found by you
It cannot liberate you.
Meditation simply is a method
Which does two things.

First, it destroys all knowledge,
Leaves you like a child, utterly innocent
In a state of not-knowing.
This is the negative part of meditation,
And then the positive follows on its own accord,
Then great wonder arises in you
And that wonder leads to discovery.

Source – Osho Book “No Man is an Island”

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