osho on scientist and mystery

QuestionOsho, As a scientist, Do I ever stand a chance of experiencing mystery?

Osho – Not as a scientist, there is no chance. I cannot give you false hope. As a scientist you have no chance to know the mysterious; but that does not mean that you have to stop being a scientist, that simply means that you can let science be one of the aspects of your life.

Why make it your whole life? Why become synonymous with it? It is perfectly good to use your logical mind, your analytical mind — it is perfectly good, it is beneficial. The world needs technology, the world needs science, and you can be of immense service to humanity, but that is a totally different matter.

You should not think that this can be your whole life, otherwise you will live only on the porch of the palace and you will think that this is the palace and you will suffer all kinds of things on the porch. Sometimes it will be too cold and sometimes it will be too hot, and sometimes the rain will start coming in — it is only an open porch! And the palace is there, available; you could have entered the palace. I am not against the porch, remember, I am not telling you to demolish it. The porch is a necessity, but a porch is a porch. Pass through it, use it, but you have a beautiful palace — why not explore the whole palace of your being?

Explore poetry, explore music, explore dance, explore meditation, and finally and ultimately disappear into the fourth. Then, and only then, the goose is out!

Source – Osho Book “The Goose is Out”

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