osho on contentless consciousness

Osho – A warrior can be of two types: one is engaged in external war, war with others; the other is interior war, war with one’s own sleep, unconsciousness, war with one’s own stupidity, lethargy. Don’t be a warrior in the external sense of the word, that is violence; but certainly be a warrior in the internal sense, because there is much which has to be overcome and there is much which has to be transformed and there is much which has to be released.

One is almost in prison and a great fight is needed to get out of it. The prison consists of our mind. Consciousness is the prisoner; the mind is the prison. The whole process of meditation is to dissolve the mind, to dissolve the walls of the prison, to help you to become no-mind. and the moment you know that even for a single moment you can become a no-mind, you have known your potential, you have recognized your possibility, your future has dawned. Now you can move with the absolute guarantee that the morning is not far away, because the first ray has been experienced. The first ray is difficult. The whole difficulty consists in the first glimpse. we have lived in the mind for centuries, we have become so accustomed to it. Day in, day out, we are surrounded by thoughts, desires, memories, imagination.

Seek the gaps between two thoughts and start moving deeper and deeper into those intervals, into those gaps: those gaps are the windows into God. That is going to be your war from now onwards…. attain to thoughtless moments, to contentless consciousness, and then everything else follows of its own accord. You create the space of no-mind and god comes and fills it.

Source – Osho Book “Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones”

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