Osho on Blessed and Bliss

Osho – A person becomes capable of blessing others only when he is full of blissfulness. In fact then one need not bless, blessings go on pouring. Your bliss starts overflowing; you become like a fountain. And you become connected with the inexhaustible source of life. That source is called god.

God is not a person, remember. God simply means the ultimate source of all. We come from it, the trees grow from it, and the stars and the whole world… God is like the ocean and we are all waves in the ocean. Not remaining rooted in the whole is the cause of man’s misery; being rooted in the whole life immediately becomes blissful.

We are not separate entities, but we go on believing that we are separate entities. That is just an illusion, but it has been perpetuated by the society, by education, by every method and means. There are vested interests behind it: they want you to remain miserable, the state wants you to remain miserable, the church wants you to remain miserable, the priests and the politicians are in conspiracy to keep everybody miserable for the simple reason that only miserable people can be controlled, they can be enslaved. They are so tired and exhausted, they are not in a state to fight or rebel. They are in such misery that they lose all intelligence.

Intelligence needs the soil of blissfulness. It is a rose that grows in the soil of blissfulness. And the politicians and the priests are very much afraid of intelligence because intelligence is rebellious. Intelligence cannot say yes to all kinds of imprisonments. An intelligent person would rather die than sell his soul. He will not allow himself to be reduced to a commodity…. And that’s what the priests and the politicians want: everybody should be reduced to a commodity, everybody should be reduced to a thing, to a machine.

Of course they want the machines to be efficient; for that purpose schools, colleges, universities exist. They are not to make you intelligent, mind you; they exist to destroy your intelligence, they exist to create mediocrity in you. Their purpose is to make you efficient machines so that you can be used by the powers. The powers may be political, religious, social… whosoever is in power. Educational systems all over the world serve the powerful people and their interests. They are not in the service of people.

The function of a master is to undo whatsoever the society has done. It is to negate all that has been imposed upon you. And once all the thick layers of conditioning are removed, your ego starts disappearing. It is the ego that keeps you separate from the whole and keeps you miserable.

The moment bliss arises in your heart — and it always means only one thing, that you are again bridged with the whole — then immediately your life becomes a light, not only for yourself but for others too. Your life becomes love. Not that you are loving, you become simply love. That’s how one becomes a blessing to the whole existence. Blessed are those who are blissful because they are not only a blessing to themselves but a blessing to all.

Source – Osho Book “The Golden Wind”

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