Osho on Drugs

Question – Can one take the sudden jump with the help of drugs?

Osho – No. That will be the jump of the drug, not yours; and the point is for you to take the jump, not the drug. Drugs are not in search of enlightenment; they are quite well as they are. If you take a drug, and something happens to you, it is happening to the drug really, not to you. It is happening just to the chemistry of the body, not to your consciousness. It is a dream phenomenon, a hallucination.

It can be beautiful sometimes — sometimes, remember. Sometimes it can be the very hell. It depends. That s why I say a drug can only create a situation in the chemistry of your body, but if your mind was going through hell, the mind will continue going through hell. Now the hell will be stronger, that’s all; because now the chemistry is different. You will move towards hell, but you will now go faster. The drug can give you speed. So it is good to call drugs “speed”; they give only speed, nothing else. If you were feeling beautiful and good, you will feel beautiful and good “with speed,” but they cannot change you. Whatsoever you are you will remain the same.

And the danger is that you can be befooled by them. And once you are befooled and you think, “This is ecstasy, this is what was needed,” then you are lost. Then you will think always in those terms: that take the drug and you experience God. You are not experiencing anything, because God is not an experience at all. It is cessation of all experience.

When all objects disappear — experience is an object — and when only the subjectivity remains, the consciousness — nothing to know, but only the knower — then there is God. God is not an object; God is pure subjectivity. No drug can give you that.

Source – Osho Book “The Yoga, Vol5″

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