Osho on knowledge enlightenment

Osho -Animals don’t know. Man knows but his knowing is only information, accumulation of facts, accumulation of theories, ideologies, philosophies — it is all borrowed. And the borrowed always becomes a burden. It never brings freedom.

By ‘divine knowing’ I mean you have to know your own. You are not to become knowledgeable. Knowledgeability is a hindrance for known; because it gives you a false sense of knowing. It is a false coin. And one can believe in it; then one never enquires about the real coin.

Scholars are farther away from truth than anybody else. Even sinners are not so far away. I have seen both great sinners and great scholars. The sinners are almost always more innocent than the scholars. They are simple people. They are not very far away from the world of truth. But the scholar is very far away. He is too much in his head. He thinks he knows and he knows nothing.

Sannyas begins in dropping the idea of knowledge. Sannyas begins in remembering what Socrates says: ‘I know only one thing, that I know nothing’ — that is the beginning of sannyas. Because when you know nothing then immediately a tremendous desire and longing arise in you to know. And if you have dropped all borrowed knowledge, then the only dimension left open is to enter into your own inner world, into your own interiority, into your own consciousness.

And as you go deeper in it, your knowing becomes more and more clear. When you have reached to the very core of your being, suddenly light explodes. Hence the word ‘enlightenment’; enlightenment is true knowing, is divine knowing. It liberates!

Source – Osho Book “The Old Pond Plop”

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