Osho - Every sannyasin has to shout from the housetops

[A couple of sannyasins who have been running a centre in Goa are going West.]

Osho – Spread my word wherever you go. Now this is the work: every sannyasin has to shout from the housetops, mm? Don’t be shy about it; that time is over: now take initiative. And don’t miss any opportunity.

Whenever you find a receptive heart, put a small seed into it. One never knows: sooner or later the man will be coming. Just a small seed triggers a long process and sometimes small things change the whole of life.

So this is good – travel and help a few people. And there are millions of people who are in need, in great need. They are thirsty but they don’t know what to do and they don’t know where to go. Because of this thirst and there being no possibility of quenching it, great pathology is arising in the world; people are becoming insane. This insanity that is happening now is not an ordinary insanity. This is a very spiritual phenomenon. People want to be more sane than ordinary sanity allows but they don’t know how to be more sane, how to be more healthy and whole.

Not knowing how to be more sane, they get into difficulties. And they cannot adjust to the ordinary sanity. Millions of people around the world are ready to become more sane than humanity allows, and they are groping in darkness. So wherever you are, make it a point to help people….

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing”

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