Question – Over the years there have been a number of very Powerful people who have been with you — Your Sannyasins — a number of whom have left, or have been kicked out, like Shyam. Why do you think, that happens?

Osho – No. Shyam has been kicked by me myself. Because he was a pain in the neck! And I don’t want him here at all then. I am allergic to perfume — he will not take a bath, he will insist to meet me, and his perfume will create asthma for me — for two, three days I will suffer attacks of asthma.

And I had told him that, “If you come to see me, then you have to follow, you have to wash completely — you cannot come in the room with all this perfume. But he never listened; always he
will come and he will insist and force that, “I am coming from England and just to see Bhagwan,” and he was making sick. Every time he came, he made me sick.

And I never wanted any advice from him about my health, because he is a quack; he is not a physician or a doctor or anything. One day sitting just by my side he took my feet in his hand and started massaging. I said, “You don’t do that.” He said, “This is an acupuncture point…. And massaging it is very good for allergy.” I said, “I never consider you a physician and I don’t consider acupuncture of any importance. You simply leave
my leg.”

But no — out of love he will have to massage and the only thing that happened, the whole night I had to cough and could not sleep a single moment, and next day I said that, “This is what you did, because sitting so close to me….”

So… and he was deceptive, deceiving, and exploiting sannyasins. He had a center in London, but he was exploiting the sannyasins for his own work and I told him that, “There is no need. If you don’t want to wear the mala and the orange, then simply don’t wear them. You simply come as Shyam Singh – there is no need to come as a sannyasin.”

When he will come to me, he will be in orange and in mala, and he was seen all over the world, from every place I received letters that, “Shyam Singh is neither wearing mala nor orange.”
I asked him that, “This kind of lying and deception is not good. You simply give up the mala and just be straightforward. If you don’t have the courage to move in those clothes, then why just coming to meet me you change the dress and the moment you go to the airport, you change the dress again. Nobody knows that you are a sannyasin — this is not good.”

Just now his telegram has come as he heard about Sheela that, “Can I come and I can help the medical center if there is any need?”

I have told him, “No, and forever no, because medical center is a part — you will simply start treating me that I don’t want. I’m tired of your treatment.” So it was simply, he was a harassment to me. So nobody else has kicked him; I myself has kicked him.

And if he wants to come back, he has to learn, because my sannyasins are taking every care, that’s why for four years I have not had a single attack. Every sannyasin is careful about perfume, cigarettes, they come to see me then they take bath that no smell is there, that they are not perspiring — that’s how they have been keeping me in health — otherwise just a slight smoke, dust, perfume, and I am in a danger. So Shyam Singh is, to me, almost like a disease: I don’t want him. You can tell

Source – Osho Book “The Last Testament, Vol3”

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