Osho - feminine mind meditation

Osho – There are two paths to the divine: one is awareness, the other is love. Through awareness you come to a point where time is transcended. Through awareness you fall into the now. There is no more past and no more future. Now is all, and now is not part of time at all. Now is beyond time – it is part of eternity. It is not part of the flow of time, because now has no duration. You cannot divide it. It is so subtle that it has no duration. It is so sudden that it has no duration. So when you become perfectly aware, time disappears.

On the other path – love – when you are deeply in love, utterly in love, space disappears. Then you are in the here – and here is not part of space. Just as now is not part of time, here is not part of space. Now has no duration, here has no extension. Space means extension and time means duration. Now has no duration and here has no extension. And if time disappears, space automatically disappears – or the vice versa. If space disappears, time disappears, because space and time are not separate.

In the western consciousness for thousands of years it has been a settled thing that time and space are not separate. In the west the concept – that time and space are not separate – is very modern and entered with albert einstein. He coined one word, ’spaciotime’. They are not two. We can say that now and here are not two. Nowhere or herenow is one word – should be one word, because reality is one.

These are two ways to transcend: either you enter from here or you enter from now. The male mind enters through awareness, through the disappearance of time, because time is a male thrust. The arrow of time is phallic – it is male sexuality. And space is feminine – it is the womb.

A woman has space, a man has no space. Man lives in time, and woman lives in space. That’s why man is always restless and woman has a subtle centering. Man is always on the go – he has to go. Maybe he is not aware of where he is going, maybe there is nowhere to go, but he has to go and he has to find more and more speedy ways to reach there.

If you insist on knowing where he is going he may not be able to answer it, but he will say, ’That is not the point. I will reach there, and I am going to reach in a speedy way – I’m not going to use bullock-carts. I will use a jet plane. I don’t know where I am going, but I am going….

A woman is more settled…. In India, the woman is called the home, the space, because she has the womb… she is spacious. So the feminine mind enters into meditation through love – love is deeply related with space – and the male mind enters through time, awareness, because the male ego is deeply rooted in time. Both reach to the same ultimate point.

Source – Osho Book “The Buddha Disease”

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