Osho on God and Pause

Osho – Deva means God, Viramo means interval, pause, period. God is in the interval, in the pause between two words, two thoughts, two desires, two emotions, two feelings – wherever there is a pause: between sleep and waking or between waking and sleep, in the pause; between body and soul, in the interval. When love turns into hate, the pause when it is no more love, it is not yet hate.

When the past turns into future, the pause – when it is no more there and the future has not come yet, that small, small moment, that is present, that is now. It is so small that it can’t be called part of time. It is indivisibly small, it cannot be divided. That pause is indivisible and it comes every moment in a thousand and one ways.

Your moods change from one to another and you pass through them. In twenty-four hours we come across God so many times that it is a miracle how we go on missing Him. But we never look in the pause; we have learned that trick, not to look in the pause. And it is so small that it comes and goes and we never become even aware of it, that it has been there. We become aware of things only when they are no more, when they have become part of the past. Or we remain aware when they are coming and are part of the future, but when they are really there somehow we manage not to see them.

When you are angry, you don’t see it; later on you repent. When it is very imminent and coming, then you feel it and you are disturbed that it is coming again. But when it is there, suddenly you become blind, deaf, unaware, unconscious. And the pause is so small that if you are not absolutely alert you will go on missing it. It is so small; it can be caught only in absolute awareness. When one is totally there, then only will you be able to see. When one thought goes out of existence and another comes into existence, between the two there is an interval of thoughtlessness. That is God….

I am giving you the whole key. Now you have to start working on your being with this key. Falling asleep, try to see the pause when you are no more awake and the sleep is not yet. There comes a moment, a very subtle moment, but it doesn’t stay long. It is just like a puff, a breeze: it is there and it is gone. But if you can catch hold of it, you will be surprised: you have stumbled upon the greatest treasure of life.

Jesus talks about it again and again – the Kingdom of God. That is the Kingdom of God that is always available in the pause. And passing through it, even unawares, you are benefited. Something, some of the fragrance of it goes on lingering in your being even if you were not aware. But from this moment become alert. Slowly, slowly, the knack comes.

Source – Osho Book “Let Go!”

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