Osho on God in Heart

Osho – God speaks in everyone’s heart, but we are so occupied in the head that we never listen to that still, small voice within. There is so much clamoring, chattering, so much unnecessary noise — we have made the head a marketplace — that the heart goes on calling and we remain deaf to it. God is not far away, he is very close.

All that is needed is the art of making the mind a little silent, a little less noisy, a little more peaceful, relaxed. as the mind settles into relaxation, suddenly you start hearing a divine music within you. God has started playing on the instrument of your heart, on the harp of your heart — and that music is transforming. Once heard it is never forgotten; once heard life is never the same again; once heard you have become part of immortal existence; you are no more a mortal.

And this is my whole work here: to help you to get out of the mind, to put the mind into deep silence so that the heart can start functioning, to come closer to the heart so that you can hear what its message is. All the Bibles, all the Vedas, all the Gitas, all the Korans, are hidden in your heart. Every heart has all that is worth knowing; one need not go anywhere else.

Lao Tzu says, “To know truth you need not go outside your room,” and by room he really means your body. You need not go out of your house — by house he means your body — “You are already provided for.”

Truth is our intrinsic heritage, but we go on living in the mind, in dreams and desires and all kinds of stupid ideas, noises. We go on living in that confusion called mind. By becoming a sannyasin you are taking the first step towards the heart, from confusion towards clarity.

Source – Osho Book “Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones”

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