Osho on renouncing mind

Osho – The mind has a persistent habit to go on believing in itself — even against all facts. Even if your old mind goes on giving you nothing but misery and hell, you go on believing in it.

People say that this is an age of unbelief. I don’t see it. The same old belief in the mind continues. Somebody is a Hindu; he believes in Hinduism because his mind has been conditioned to be a Hindu. Somebody is a Christian; he believes in Christianity because his mind has been conditioned to be a Christian. Somebody is a communist; he goes on believing in communism because his mind has been conditioned to be a communist. All the three are one. They are not different people. They may have different names and labels, but the same thing is happening to all of them they are all conditioned and clinging to the mind and they all believe in the mind.

I call that man religious who renounces the mind. I call that man religious who renounces all conditionings, who stops clinging to the mind, who starts moving into consciousness, who becomes more and more aware of the conditionings. And in that very awareness one becomes loose of the conditions — and that is the only freedom there is.

All else is just rubbish. All talk of freedom — political, economic, social — is just rubbish. There is only one freedom, and that freedom is freedom from conditionings, freedom from the mind, becoming alert, aware, attentive, and moving in a new dimension. Good, Saroj, that you have become aware that your questions have been repetitively the same. That’s why I was not answering them. It is useless because when the mind goes on persisting in its old habit; it doesn’t listen.

Try always to find the new, the fresh, the young — that which is just being born. Catch that before it becomes old dissolve into it before it becomes a pattern. Never make your life a patterned and structured thing. Let it remain a flow, unfrozen, fluid, moving always into the unknown. Mind means the known. And you are the unknown. If you understand this, you will use the mind and you will never be used by the mind.

source – osho book “the yoga, vol 7”

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