Osho on Love and Meditation
Osho – Love is the only experience in life which gives you a sense of immortality, which makes you aware that there is something which begins but never ends. It is the first lesson, it is the beginning of an incredible journey into god.

Once a man has tasted even a drop of love he cannot remain stuck: he has to go in the great exploration of god. It becomes an urgency because now he knows from his own experience that life is not the ordinary routine thing that we had always thought it was. There is something more to it, something hidden in it; the superficial is not all, the superficial is only the circumference of life and there is a centre also. In love we have only a glimpse, just like lightning: suddenly there is lightning and all darkness disappears and for a split moment you can see the trees, the flowers, the road and everything and then again there is darkness. But now the darkness is not the same; you know that there is something tremendously beautiful hidden behind darkness.

It is love that has given the first glimpse of god and then people have felt the urge to seek and search deeply. It is through love that they discovered meditation. Love is a natural phenomenon, meditation is a deliberate science. In love you are just at the mercy of the winds: sometimes there is lightning and sometimes there is not, and you cannot do anything about it.

Meditation makes lightning controllable; you can switch it on and off. It makes electricity serve you. Just as science has made electricity serve you… electricity has always existed but it was beyond our control. Now, it is serving you in thousands of ways.

Love is like lightning, a natural phenomenon; meditation makes it a scientific understanding. Then you can turn it on and off. And in fact there is no need to turn it off; one can live in love for twenty-four hours a day. And when one can live in love for twenty-four hours a day, why should one not live in love twenty-four hours a day? Even a single moment is not worth missing.

My message is of love because I know love is the only phenomenon which can have universal appeal — because it is natural. You may argue with Christianity, you may argue Hinduism, you may argue Buddhism, but you cannot argue against love.

And once you have felt love, meditation starts of its own accord; then you can be easily persuaded towards meditation. In fact you are already persuaded: love seduces everyone into meditation. And if love cannot seduce you into meditation, then nothing else can. That is the only hope, the only promise. But it always succeeds, it has never failed, it cannot fail. It is inevitable that after a deep experience of love meditation follows. And meditation opens the doors of the temple of god.

Source – Osho Book “The Golden Wind”

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