Osho on Sannyas and Thirst

Question – Do you think that you will be unable to work upon me if i do not take your Sannyas?

Osho – Have you come to find your capacities or have you come to find my capacities? Are you your problem, or am I your problem? Leave me to myself; you at least solve yourself. And you don’t know what you are asking. What is sannyas? It is just a gesture, a gesture that you are receptive towards me, a gesture that you welcome me in your heart, a gesture that if I come you will not reject me, a gesture that you are ready to come with me, to walk with me, to follow me — a gesture, I say.

And you ask me, “Do, you think that you will be unable to work upon me if I do not take your sannyas?” You are asking the sunlight, “Will you be able to come to my house if I don’t open my doors?” If you don’t open your doors, how can the sunlight come in?

To be a sannyasin is just to open your doors for me. I cannot force my way into you; that would be violence, that wouldn’t be love. I cannot force any change in you. That would be violence; and through violence how can God be born? How can you be reborn out of violence?

The sun will stand outside the door. It will not even knock, because you may be fast asleep and dreaming beautiful dreams; and who knows, you may be disturbed, and who am I to disturb you.? If you have decided to be fast asleep and dreaming, who am I to change your decision?

I am not violent; I am not a mahatma?. You have become accustomed to know mahatmas. Mahatmas are violent people who are chasing you, chasing after you. Anyhow they have to change you — obsessed with YOUR change. But why should I be obsessed with your change?. It is for you to decide; it is up to you to make it or not make it.

I am like a river flowing by. If you feel thirsty, come. You challenge the river, “If I don’t bend, and if I don’t make a cup out of my hands, are you capable of quenching my thirst?. But why should I?. Thirst is yours. Who am I to quench it? If you have decided to remain thirsty, it is up to you — I bless your thirst. Remain thirsty. If you have decided to remain a desert, who am I to change you, and why.? And how is it possible if you have decided to remain a desert, to make a garden out of you? Impossible… because you are alive, you are energy, cosmic energy. You will resist; you will fight; and whatsoever I will do, you will destroy.

Sannyas is just a gesture — a gesture from your side, a signal that you are ready. Just a signal from your heart that you are welcoming, that you will receive me. I cannot make love to you, but I cannot rape you. And you are asking for rape.

Whatsoever I say, you will twist it. I am not asking these things for the person who has asked the question. He comes from that village; he will twist. I am saying these things for those who don’t come from that village. They must understand.

Source – Osho Book “Come Follow To You, Vol 3”

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