Osho on Yoga Samadhi

Osho – Anand means bliss, nirbeeja means seedless. The word nirbeeja is a very specific word. In Yoga two kinds of samadhi are talked about, two kinds of ultimate states of consciousness. One is sabeeja; it means with seed. Another is nirbeeja; it means seedless, without seed. The sabeeja state of mind is where somewhere some desire is still lurking, the seed of desire is still there. In its time, in its season, it will sprout again. You will be caught in the desire again. For the moment it has left you, you cannot see any visible sign of it – there are moments when you cannot see any anger, and you can believe also that now it has gone forever – and then in a certain situation, out of nowhere it comes again.

One day you find that you are no more interested in people, you are perfectly happy alone. The desire for the other has disappeared, and it may look in that moment as if it is gone and you are free from the other. Now there is no bondage, now you can be on your own. You are free, you have freedom, you are no more dependent on anybody else; it is a great release, a great relief. But one day suddenly, out of nowhere, out of the blue, the desire for the other arises. That simply means that the seed was there. The tree had disappeared from the surface, but the seeds had fallen down into the soil. They were waiting for the rains to come, and then they will sprout again, and again the whole journey will start.

Nirbeeja means when the seed is burnt. That is the true state, the true attainment. One has to attain to a bliss where all seeds of desire are burnt, so there is no possibility of any desire arising again. The state is called the state of the mukta – the state of the free, the state of freedom.

One has to go on watching. Not only the roots and the branches and the foliage have to be cut, but the seeds have to be burnt. And watching, slowly slowly one becomes aware of where the seeds are. If one goes on watching one’s anger, sooner or later one will come upon the small seeds, and once you have those seeds in your hands they can be burnt, they can be destroyed. In fact the very awareness becomes a fire. And when all desires have disappeared, then for the first time one knows what joy is, what freedom is, what liberation is.

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Look Before You Leap”

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