Osho on crippled leg

[At a previous darshan a sannyasin, who was crippled by polio four years ago, said he disliked the constant attention his disability received. Osho suggested he wear a sign ’I am crippled. Please don’t ask me about my leg. Thank you!’ Tonight he said it helped him to accept his situation, but he still feels frustrated; he wants to dance totally.]

Osho – Be a total cripple! – that’s what totality should mean to you. Just accept it and enjoy it.

[The sannyasin asks: Will it become better?]

Osho – Yes, it will. If you can accept it and enjoy it, it will start changing. The rejection of anything is always a barrier to change; you create a division between you and your leg. Somehow you are ashamed of it, somehow you don’t like it the way it is, you don’t respect it, and it is only respect that will change the situation.

Feel grateful: at least you have the leg; there are people who don’t have legs! Nothing is wrong in it, there is nothing to be worried about; it is just comparison. Just think of a world where all are crippled and one man is born who is not crippled. He will be in the same position as you are, because then dancing with all the crippled people, he will think, ’I am not dancing as totally as they are. I am not totally in my crippledness because I am not crippled.’ It is just comparison.

One can transform any situation by looking at it positively. So simply accept it; this is the way god wants you to be. Now why not be a perfect cripple? Do you think that if you were not crippled problems wouldn’t be there? Then why are there so many people here not crippled but still having problems?

It is good that you only have a crippled leg; people have crippled minds, crippled hearts. You have a very small problem. Don’t fuss about it too much, mm? – just forget about it; accept and forget. Do whatsoever you can do, and within your limits be total. You can’t have somebody else as your criterion. Somebody is a fast runner and you cannot run; even if you are not crippled, you are not an Olympic runner. But nobody bothers about it; why should one bother? Whatsoever the given situation, make the most out of it, and you will be surprised that if you can make the most out of it, everything that can happen to a man, will happen.

Simply forget about it. But respectfully forget about it, mm? – not that you keep it at the back just to avoid it, you keep yourself occupied with something else. That is not respect. Respectfully, mm? – be loving to the leg: massage it, play with it. Just give some enthusiasm to the leg and say to it, ’Don’t be worried. I am not worried – why are you worried? Everything is perfectly okay!’ Things will start changing, energy will start moving more.

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing”

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