Osho – Many people have been doing that down the centuries. A Buddha comes, a Jesus comes, a Krishna, a Zarathustra — very few, very rarely. Shiko’s are very few — those who understand. Butei exists as the mass; Butei is the many; Butei is the majority, the crowd.

Buddha comes and walks; he brings another world into this world. He brings tremendous beauty, but you cannot see, you cannot feel, Jesus goes on saying to his disciples: “If you have ears, listen! If you have eyes, see!” Truth was standing before them. God Himself was standing before them. God has come many times to the earth — He cares for it! In many forms He has been seeking you. Never think for a moment that you are uncared for.

It is not only that you are seeking God — God is also seeking you in many, many ways. Sometimes as a Krishna with his flute, sometimes as a Buddha with his silence, sometimes as a Jesus with his revolutionary approach to life — in millions of ways God has been extending his hand towards you, groping for you. Sometimes your hand has even touched His hand — but you don’t understand. Sometimes even a glimmer, a tremor has gone through your spine, but you don’t understand. On the contrary, you explain it somehow.

A WOMAN came to me a few years ago. She sat just in front of me holding my feet, crying. It was a beautiful moment. Somehow, she had been able to feel me. But then she became afraid; then I could see — suddenly she left my feet, recoiled backwards. I asked her, “What has happened? Something was going deep in you — why have you withdrawn yourself?”

She said, ” I am a professor in a university and I teach psychology — this must have been a relapse, a regression. I must have regressed towards my childhood; you must have worked like a father-figure. No, this is nothing. Yes, something happened, but it was a relapse into childhood. Yes, something happened, but it was nothing but a sort of hypnosis. Your eyes got hold of me.” Now she has explained it away.

Something was on the way, something was really going to happen. One moment more and she would have been a totally different woman, and there would have been no possibility of her falling back. She would have crossed the point of no return. But just before it, she recoiled back, became afraid. And, of course, she was intelligent — as intelligence goes — a well-educated woman, capable of rationalizations. She immediately produced a rationalization: “It may be a sort of hypnosis, or a relapse into childhood, or you must have reminded me of my dead father.” Now that which was happening has been cut.

Many times God has reached you, and many times you have withdrawn yourself. Many times He has walked with you and you have not recognized Him. Many times He has shouted at you: “Lazarus, come out! ” and you won’t listen. Or you think: “He must be calling somebody else — Lazarus is not my name. ” Let me tell you: Lazarus is your name!

And don’t think about this story just as a story. That’s what Buddha has done, that’s what Bodhidharma has done, that’s what Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu have done: they have shouted at you, they have taken you by your hands and shaken you. Very few understand. In most of the cases people become angry, they become annoyed, because you are disturbing their sleep. They are sleeping and having beautiful dreams, golden dreams, sweet dreams, and you are disturbing their sleep.

That’s why they had to kill Jesus, murder Mansoor, poison Socrates — these people were great disturbers. They were disturbing your sleep.

Source – Osho Book “A Sudden Clash of Thunder”

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