Osho on Life and Jealousy

Question – Osho, no passion, no jealousy, and so much loving. can it be true that this suffering is over?

Osho – Prem Turiya, THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL THINGS to be remembered, and you will have to be constantly aware: you cannot take it for granted that the suffering is over. If you take it for granted that the suffering is over, the suffering will be back by the back door. You have to be constantly alert and aware.

Yes, for the moment there is no jealousy, no passion, and yet so much loving — naturally. When there is no passion and no jealousy, all the energies move into the direction of love. It is the same energy that becomes passion, that becomes jealousy. When there is no jealousy, no passion, all the energy is available for the flowers of love to bloom. But don’t take it for granted. Don’t think that the suffering is over for ever.

Life is a continuous evolution and you have to be constantly alert, otherwise you can fall back into the old patterns very easily. And the old patterns have persisted so long, they have become so ingrained in your blood, in your bones, in your very marrow, that one moment of unconsciousness and you are back. You have to go on being aware.

Something beautiful is happening…much more is going to happen. One never knows how much more is possible. We are never aware of our potential unless it becomes actual. You have seen a beautiful space of non-jealous love. Passion is a kind of fever and it consumes much energy. Fever naturally consumes energy — and passion is fever. When passion disappears, compassion arises. And compassion is cool. Passion is hot, it burns you. Compassion is cool — not cold, remember. Hatred is cold, lust is hot. Exactly between the two is the golden mean, neither hot nor cold. Then you are in a state of cool warmth. Very paradoxical it seems — cool warmth. It is not hot, but it is warm; it is not cold, but it is cool.

And the real flower of love opens up only in that climate of warmth-coolness. A warm coolness is the right climate for the lotus of love to blossom. But don’t take it for granted. Never take anything for granted! Each moment you have to
conquer it again and again. Life is a continuous conquest. It is not that once and for all it is settled and then you can fall asleep and stay unconscious and there is no worry left. Again you will be back in the same rut.

Turiya, I am happy — I have been watching you. You are looking both warm and cool. It is a non-ending process. Be alert, be watchful. Don’t destroy this beautiful flower that is growing in you. When you have something precious you have to be more aware. When you have nothing to lose you can be unconscious, you can fall asleep; there is no problem. But when you have something to lose — and this is something precious — be more conscious, be more alert. You have discovered a treasure.

Source – Osho Book “Ah This”

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