Osho on Logic and Love

Osho – Love is the foundation on which one’s life can become a temple and one’s being can become a host for the divine guest.

I teach love and nothing else, because everything else can follow without any effort. If you are capable of love you are capable of the impossible. If one can manage to be loving one has succeeded in finding the path, in finding the truth. The only difficulty is that love demands that you drop the barrier of the ego.

The ego is just like a great barrier between you and the reality; it allows you only glimpses of reality. And it goes on interpreting reality, it never allows it as it is. It continuously goes on giving a commentary on it: “This is beautiful, that is ugly. Look — this is good, that is bad.” It never gives you any opportunity to see what is exactly the case. Before you can see it has already interpreted, it has already contaminated; it has already come in.

Scientists say the mind allows only two per cent of reality to enter; ninety-eight per cent is prevented. That is too much! The mind is a great barrier, it is standing there at the door, watching what goes in and allowing only that which fits with it, which adjusts to it.

Love means changing the very focus of your life. It is coming down from the head to the heart, and as you come to the heart, the heart allows everything, one hundred per cent. It is just an opening, a window into existence. It allows the sun, the moon, the stars, the flowers, the birds, the rain, the wind — it goes on allowing everything. And the more existence reaches you, the more bliss happens. The more existence penetrates you, the more you become alive, the more you become divine. So logic has to be dropped and love has to be learned.

Our society continuously teaches us logic and prevents us from moving towards the world of love. That is a great strategy to keep people hung up in their heads. Heady people are efficient but they are just like machines, robots.

Sannyas means de-automatising yourself. The society has made you an automatic robot; sannyas has to uncondition you, to make you your natural self again, the way god wanted you to be, the way nature intended you to be — not what society wanted, not what the politicians and the priests have desired, but what nature intended. Love is a natural phenomenon, logic is man’s invention. Rely more on nature, trust the natural more and your life will become full of benediction, full of grace, full of god.

Source – Osho Book “Just the Tip”

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