Osho on Egolessness and Love

Osho – Love is possible only in the climate of egolessness. With the ego love cannot grow. Ego is like a rock and love is like a rose flower: if you put a rock on the rose bush there is no possibility of its growing, no possibility of roses ever flowering.

The ego can do everything else. It can make you famous, it can make you a great scholar, very knowledgeable, it can fulfil all kinds of ambition for power, prestige, money. But it cannot do one thing which is the most significant in life: it cannot help you to grow in love. And without love all else is futile because without love you are dead. Love is life, the very secret of life.

Without love one starts shrinking and dying. Without it there is no significance at all. Without love why should one live at all? — because there is no meaning. One can drag but dragging is not living. One can vegetate but that is not life. One can survive but one cannot reach the peaks of joy. Love opens the doors to the divine, but one condition has to be fulfilled the ego has to be dropped. And it can be dropped because it is a very false phenomenon, it is our invention.

We come without egos. Ego is not a natural phenomenon, it is produced by society, by the church, by the educational system. It is a pseudo reality, but it is supported from every direction. The parents support it, everybody supports it, so naturally the child starts believing in it. It is a belief, it is a kind of auto-hypnosis. Otherwise there is no ego.

When one becomes absolutely silent in meditation one finds that the ego does not exist at all and it has never existed from the very beginning. It was just an idea implanted in you by society. Society needs it because society is ambitious. Without an ego nobody would be ambitious. Then where would politics go? Then where would they find warriors to fight, to kill, to murder And to be murdered? Where would they find foolish people waste their whole life accumulating money. Where are they going to find all kinds of stupidities without the ego?

This whole society, this establishment, depends on the ego. And my work here is to help you see that ego is non-existential. Don’t cling to it and don’t feed it any more. That’s what sannyas is all about, stopping feeding the ego. And then it dies of its own accord, it withers away; it does not even leave a trace behind. And that is the state of humbleness.

When Jesus says blessed are the meek for theirs is the kingdom of god, by meek he means the egoless. Not the so-called humble people, because the humble person still has an ego. Now it is upside-down but the ego is there standing on its head, doing sirshasan a headstand.

The humble person is not egoless; the ego has come in from the backdoor. He threw it out from the front door but it has come in from the backdoor. Now he brags about his humanity, his humbleness and you can see in his eyes, on his nose, that the ego is there. Now he wants to be the most humble person in the world, the greatest humble person in the world — again the same competition, again the same ambition.

By meek Jesus means the egoless, not the humble — because the egoless is neither an egoist nor humble. He cannot be an egoist because there is no ego and he cannot be humble either, because without ego how can you claim humbleness? He simply knows that ego is non-existential and there the chapter is closed. It does not create a new kind of ego, a subtle kind of ego. And that is the meaning of your name egolessness. If one can do this simple process of finding that there is no ego at all, then love bursts forth as if suddenly spring has come and all the trees are blooming and birds and singing, and life becomes a celebration.

Source: Osho Book “I Am Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am”

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