Osho on Love and Victory

Osho – Love is victory but it is a very strange victory: it is victory through surrender, it is not victory through conquering. It is not ordinary victory. The ordinary victory is violent: you have to defeat the other, you have to dominate the other, you have to enforce yourself upon the other.

The ordinary victory can keep the other’s body captive but cannot reach the other’s soul. You can destroy the body but the soul remains unconquerable; even in death the soul can remain free … it does remain free.

But love knows a totally different way of being victorious: it is through surrender, it is through let-go. To be victorious through surrender is a paradox; but life is full of paradoxes, that is its mistery. It is not simple mathematics, otherwise science would have been able to discover all that is there. But science can never discover all; something, the most essential, will always go on being missed. Science will discover the peripheral but the central will be unavaible to science. It is possible only through religion because religion accepts the paradox, it accepts the mysterious. and the most mysterious phenomenon is victory through surrender.

Surrender means dropping the ego. When you drop the ego in relation to someone you become victorious within. When you drop the ego in the context of the whole you become victorious with the whole. In the East we have created many schools of mystery. One of the greatest, one of the ancientmost, was created by the Jainas. The very word “jaina” means the victorious one, one who has conquered.

But to conquer you have to learn how to be conquered by the whole, how to be available to the whole, how to be at the service of the whole, how to efface yourself so totally that you are no more there but God’s will is done through you. That is the greatest moment in life — when you disappear and God appears in you. That is the most victorious moment possible.

Source – Osho Book “Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones”

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