Osho on Buddha

Osho – Just hold a bird in your hand and don’t think about it … or a flower in your hand, and don’t think about it. Just see it. Without any thoughts moving between you and the flower, what happens? Suddenly you are the flower. And if you feel one with the flower you have felt one with existence.

A man of enlightenment, feeling one with existence, needs no morality, needs no ethics, needs no teachings about what is right and what is wrong. He is so in tune with existence that everything that happens through him is bound to be just right. There is no possibility of anything going wrong.

Meditation is an art of bringing you closer to the heartbeat of existence. The deeper you go within you … you will find the very heartbeat of existence. Then there is no morality for you; all that you do is beautiful. Then you love without conditions, without demands, without possessiveness. Then you give out of joy, not to oblige; then you share because you are so full that if you don’t share, the burden of your joy will be too much. You become a raincloud which has to shower
somewhere, because the rain is becoming heavier and heavier.

If the buddhas have spoken, it is nothing other than rainclouds showering spontaneously. Then each gesture is automatically right; then each word comes out of your deepest being, brings some dance and some joy and some fragrance with it.

Source – Osho Book “Zen : The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the Forest”

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