Osho - Meditation is not for the weaklings

Osho – Meditation is not for the weaklings;
It is not for the cowards
It is not for those who are full of fear,
Because it is the ultimate adventure.
It is going into the uncharted —
No maps exist, no guidelines either.

The master can only create a thirst in you,
A tremendous thirst for truth
But he cannot give you a programme
He cannot give you a discipline.

He can give you an insight, a longing, a love
But then you have to go all alone
Because it is an inner journey —
Nobody can accompany you. That’s why
Many people become interested in meditation
But very few people ever do anyYthing about it.

Their interest remains
Only an intellectual curiosity,
It never becomes an experiment.
Or even if sometimes people try
They try with half-hearted efforts, lukewarm
And meditation needs your total commitment.
Unless you are boiling at hundred degrees
You will not evaporate.

And meditation is a kind of evaporation into god:
You disappear and only god remains.
Remember: the meditator never meets god.
If the meditator is, god is not
If god is, the meditator is no more,
Hence a really strong spirit

A really brave man is needed —
A man who is ready to die in the search
Because it is only out of that death
That a new life is born.

It is only through crucifixion
That resurrection happens.
Meditation is like a cross:
You have to carry it on your shoulders.

Source – Osho Book “No Man Is an Island”

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