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  1. I can’t get the kundalini meditation file to download. The server keeps giving me the dreaded “404 Not Found” error, citing
    The requested URL /downloads/osho-meditations/kundalini/kundalini.mp3 was not found on this server.


    1. Sorry — the original failure to download was looking for the file


  2. No words can express my gratitude. No country dared to own you because You
    owned the whole World. No-body supported you because you always supported
    everybody.No-one tried to understand you because you understood everyone.
    You knew the truth because they feared truth.Thats why we live & you visit.

    1. Pls d’nt expect a support of anyone bcoz when u say i d’nt need support or i need support.both do a work in same way only live in u r self.

  3. osho i miss u …………………
    i love u……………….
    plz come to again………………………

    1. your love is osho.. everything your watching is osho.. show your love on everything.. you will not miss him anymore.. love.. dissolve into it.. it is the only way to be with him always..

  4. osho………………………………………………….anant…………..infinate

    1. me too want to make a bond with all Osho followers …I am a yoga guru too.. I am going to make yoga commune soon.

  5. jivan aur jine ki kala mirtyu….. janam se jivan ki suruwat hoti hai janam jivan nahi hai janam aur mirtyu ke beech ji ghatahai wah ek jivan ki dhara hai agar koi bhi jo jivan me samarpan kar osa virat ke dhara me bahane lagata hai tab jake ek darshan milta hai jise hum jivan darpan kahate hai aur iska khoj apne andar me karna dhayn me doobna………. jo hira tumhare andar me rakha hai uske joyoti se bhar jao………

  6. Yonder sun did not shine, the gods sought an atonement for him, for him they offered this
    oblation to Soma and Rudra: verily thereby they bestowed brightness upon him. If he
    desires to become resplendent, he should offer for him this oblation to Soma and Rudra;
    verily he has recourse to Soma and Rudra with their own portion; verily they bestow
    upon him splendour; he becomes resplendent. He should offer on the full moon day of the
    month Tisya; Tisya is Rudra [1], the full moon is Soma; verily straightway he wins
    splendour. He makes him sacrifice on an enclosed (altar), to acquire splendour. The
    butter is churned from milk of a white (cow) with a white calf; butter is used for the
    sprinkling, and they purify themselves with butter; verily he produces whatever splendour
    exists. ‘Too much splendour is produced’, they say, ‘he is liable to become a leper’; he
    should insert the verses of Manu’s; whatever Manu said is medicine [2]; verily he makes
    medicine for him. If he fear, ‘I shall become a leper’, he should offer an oblation to Soma
    and Pusan; man has Soma as his deity, cattle are connected with Pusan; verily he makes
    him a skin by means of his own deity and cattle; he does not become a leper. He who
    desires offspring should offer an oblation to Soma and Rudra; Soma is the bestower of
    seed, Agni is the begetter of offspring; verily Soma bestows on him seed, Agni begets
    offspring; he obtains [3] offspring. He who practises witchcraft should offer an oblation
    to Soma and Rudra; man has Soma as his deity, Agni is this Rudra; verily ransoming him
    from his own deity he entrusts him to Rudra; swiftly he attains ruin. He who is long ill
    should offer an oblation to Soma and Rudra; the sap of him who is long ill goes to Soma,
    the body to Agni; verily from Soma he ransoms his sap, from Agni his body; even if [4]
    his life be gone, he yet lives. The Hotr loosens him that is swallowed by Soma and Rudra
    and he is liable to be ruined; an ox must be given by the Hotr; the ox is a carrier, the Hotr
    is a carrier; verily he saves himself as a carrier by means of a carrier. He who desires, ‘In

    1. its ok when the drop is bounded by it self that time it remains only drop but when it droped in ocen that time it is not a drop it is a vast ocean.O my beloved gayn panth my all bless and my all love for you even a being of alife never ask anything to the nature than also nature fill the life by lots of vitality. Close your eye sit thoughtless and fly in your counceousness……..there are no any body receive your message no any body reply you………than continuously keep acosmic jurney..at the pick of meditation you will kow it well AHAM BHRAMASI i am the creator…………………..Osho aum tat sat

    1. v.venkata kumar>>>>>>>> Tere are no any music full fill you it is not more deep than your earbase but don’t worry even a moment you reach the music of your conciousness than you are not have any attachment with mortal its a time to enter in a live………………………….ooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm….birth slowly and try to hear the mudic of your heart, music of blowing river, morning ray of sun unlate your head try to listen the music of speed of such ray of sun……………No any ordinary men are able to listen these types of music…. you are not a ordinary you have a way of meditation……let go deeply and listen music of your hart and dance on your way……………………………..OSHO

  7. movement, become involved and committed, and slowly slowly see that your army life has become
    your religious life. Any life, any pattern of life can be turned into a religious life.
    [The soldier says: I’d just like to ask what exactly it means to be watchful. As far as my profession’s
    concerned, when I go about doing my duty, do I watch everything as a separate entity, being aware
    that I’m not the person doing it?]
    Yes, exactly that. You just think of yourself as a watcher, spectator; the body is doing the act.
    This hand is moving, mm?
    The hand is moving, you are watching it – not only from the outside but from the inside too. You are
    separate, that witness is separate. It is unidentified with anything that we know of. It is identical only
    with God but we don’t know anything about God. That witness is God.
    When you become a perfect witness you are a god, you are no more a human being. That’s why
    we have called Buddha a god, Krishna a god, for this reason – not that they have created the world
    but because in that moment of alertness, watchfulness, they are no more identified with the body,
    with the mind; they are not identified at all. The mind is separate, the body is separate, the world is
    separate, and they are only the watcher.
    It gives such peace – just the idea that one is a watcher. Somebody hits you on your face. If
    you are just a watcher then nothing affects you. It is as if somebody else has been hit; you have
    been just an eye-witness, that’s all. It is none of your business. One can even laugh at the whole
    ridiculousness of it, one can even enjoy it. Somebody insults you and you can watch. There are
    millions of opportunities in life, when, if you watch, problems won’t arise. Problems arise when you
    become identified with the body or with the mind. Then you get disturbed, distracted.
    It is exactly that, precisely that: just think that this watcher is sitting on the top of a hill, far away,
    distant, just looking down in the valley. As other people are moving, you are too. Slowly, slowly you.
    will be able to hover over your body and you will be able to see that the body is doing things. And
    the body will be able to do things more perfectly because there will be no distraction: there will be
    such a silent, peaceful, milieu inside.
    Try it, and after one month tell me how things
    [A sannyasin says her spine gives way sometimes when she’s sitting. Osho checks her energy.]
    Nothing much to be worried about, mm ? Allow them whenever they come. Just a little energy is
    moving, but very little. It’s nothing to be concerned about. There are people whose energy here
    is moving like a flood. It is just a beginning: a small amount of energy has started moving. It will
    grow, but if you start becoming afraid of it or worried about it then in a subtle way you will prevent its
    Enjoy it so that it can grow. When it has grown completely it will disappear, but then the
    disappearance is beautiful because the energy has done its work.

  8. It happens only because ordinarily our energy is in segments, in fragments, and the fragments are
    not joined together. The energy jumps from one fragment into another to join it; then you feel the
    jerk. It will jump from part to part. The whole spine is divided into seven parts so there are seven
    points at where it takes the jumps. It can drive one almost crazy when it really jumps. One cannot
    find what to do; in fact there is no way of doing anything, one has just to allow it. Going from one
    part to another, moving all over the place all those parts are welded together. Once that welding
    has happened, the energy stops. Then it is one whole; you will never feel the jump and the jerk will
    never come again. So it is good.
    And it is very small. Much more is going to happen, so you have to be receptive from the very
    beginning. Otherwise you will be back home and if some day some more starts happening you will
    become panicky and you will freak out. No need to. If something suddenly starts happening, just
    close your door, sit in your room naked and allow it. Just go into it… enjoy it, co-operate with it!
    [A sannyasin says she’d read that you’d said women can’t be masters.
    Osho tells her: To be a master, one has to be masculine, because the master has to pour himself
    into the disciple, he has to give. But women make the best disciples because a disciple has to be
    able to receive, to absorb.]
    [A sannyasin who has done a few groups says he is lacking in trust. He asks if he can work in group
    therapy. Previously he has been working in the ashram kitchen.]
    Work in the kitchen first, mm? then we will see. Everything is therapy here. This whole commune
    is a therapeutic commune; from cleaning to kitchen everything is therapy. And everything is just a
    device to help your growth, so the name doesn’t matter. Whether you participate in the Encounter
    group or you participate in the kitchen doesn’t matter much; it is a constant encounter, an on-going
    encounter. Just go on doing that, mm?
    And trust will arise. This is the beginning of trust, when you start feeling the lack of it; that is the
    beginning of it. People don’t feel the lack of it; they think they have trust so they don’t grow. When
    you feel that you lack something, the possibility opens: now you can grow in it. When a poor man
    thinks he is rich he will remain poor. If an ill person thinks he is healthy he will remain ill. To know
    that one is not well is the beginning; now you can find ways to be well.
    And trust is such a beautiful phenomenon that to miss it is to miss one’s whole life. All that is great
    is possible only through trust. Without trust only small things are possible – you can have money,
    power, prestige, all that. With trust, love, poetry, ecstasy, God, all great things become possible.
    Trust is the door. Just remember it and it will grow….

  9. Samarpano. It means absolute surrender, utter let-go. The mind is always in conflict with something
    or other; it needs conflict to exist. It can exist only in conflict and through conflict. It is a constant
    war, it is violence. It either fights with others or it starts fighting with itself, but one thing is certain
    about it, that it cannot exist without fight. It is its very breath.
    The moment you stop fighting the mind starts disappearing on its own accord, and the
    disappearance of the mind is the appearance of God. The disappearance of the mind is the
    disappearance of you, you as an entity separate from the whole. Then the whole takes possession
    of you, you are overflooded with the whole. And that experience of being overflooded with the whole
    is the search. Call it satori, samadhi, enlightenment, realisation, liberation, salvation – those are just
    words, they describe only aspects of it. No word can actually describe it, it is beyond words! It is a
    taste, a flavour.
    We can name a flavour but we cannot describe it. For example, vanilla: you can name it but you
    cannot describe it. It is an experience, the name is only an indicator. So is the case with samadhi,
    enlightenment, God; these are just names given to some tremendous experience – the experience
    when the experiencer is no more. That’s why it is tremendous, because it is not confined by any
    limitation. There is no observer in it, no knower in it. It is pure knowledge, it is sheer experience; the
    experiencer itself has dissolved into it.
    And the way to it is surrender. Stop fighting. And to stop fighting just an understanding is needed,
    because it creates misery, it never brings bliss. So to stop it is not a problem. The only problem is
    to understand it, to understand how we are creating our own misery. The ego is a self-created hell.
    The mind is our own creation and it is a nightmare, a constant on-going nightmare.
    When the mind is no more, for the first time one realises how beautiful life is, what a benediction,
    what a blessing. Then celebration starts. Learn to be in a let-go.

  10. Deva means divine, Mudra has many meanings. The most fundamental meaning is gesture, the
    literal meaning is gesture. God happens in a certain gesture, in a certain state of mind, in a certain
    state of body when everything is in tune and all is harmonious, when there is no conflict within
    and no fragmentation either. There is unison and there is great silence. That is called mudra, that
    gesture of silence. In that gesture God happens. That is the first meaning of mudra.
    The second meaning is the seal. Man, and not only man but everything else, has a seal of God,
    everything has God’s signature. That also is the meaning of mudra, that we are not unsigned, that
    we are not blank papers. We may know it, we may not, but God’s signature is there in our being.
    We are part of Him, we are His projection, His message. We live His life and He lives through us. It
    is not only that we live His life – He lives His life through us; it is an interdependence.
    This seal has to be known, recognised, and when one understands that one has the signature of
    God, one feels accepted. Then this universe is yours, it is your home: you are not an alien, a
    foreigner, a stranger, you are not an outsider. And that signature can be read… that is the real
    scripture. It is on each leaf of a tree, it is on the wings of the birds, it is on each ray of the sun, it is in
    each reflection of the moon. God’s hand is everywhere – invisible, because we are blind; otherwise
    it becomes visible. That is the second meaning of mudra.
    And the third meaning is that which you have imagined… not exactly the same but very close. The
    third meaning is the Tantra meaning. It is the meeting such as happens when man and woman meet
    and in deep sexual love, the orgasm happens. In the orgasm the man and woman are both lost, both
    lose their egos. The man is no more man, the woman is no more woman, they are not separate. For
    a moment at least, they are one. In that moment they know the glory of oneness, the splendour of
    oneness. In that moment all fear disappears, all paranoia disappears, all schizophrenia disappears.
    In that moment there is no neurosis: that moment is the most normal moment of life, as it should

    1. chumbanray can you plz explain. i am very much afraid as i did latihan. my body is moviing automatically, bowing automatically. it scared hell out of me and i stopped doing mahamudra dynamic meditation. i could not sleep for nights. can you plz help

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