Osho on Mind Tricks

[A sannyasin had written to Osho about feeling guilty about recurrent sickness, and wondering if, in her involvement with a love relationship, she was diverting energy formerly invested in Osho. Osho checks her energy.]

Osho – Nothing is wrong with your energy, mm? just your mind goes on playing tricks with you. And the mind can go on playing tricks unless you learn how not to associate with it, how not to get identified with it. It is not a real problem that you are facing, not at all.

A real problem is a problem of the energy. Then it is a hard task, mm? because the energy has to be changed, rechannellised, diverted, refined. And the energy makes its own musculature, so the whole body musculature has to be changed. And the energy makes its grooves; those grooves have to be changed. If a problem is in the energy then it is long work, but your energy is absolutely right.

The problem is bogus – it is just in the mind. It is as if a man has no cancer but has got the idea, the suspicion, and now the mind is afraid of a cancer which is not there. The mind can create it. If it remains long in it, it can force the body to follow it, but it has not yet in any way been affecting your energy. Your energy is totally flowing and good. You have to learn not to associate with the mind, because the mind is always old, it knows only the old tricks and it moves on in those same tricks. It is like a gramophone record: you put the mechanism on and it moves.

You will be surprised that now they have discovered how to play the tapes in the brain. Just by touching a particular part of the brain with an electrode, you start having a particular vision, a dream opens up, certain thoughts start moving. If the electrode is removed, immediately all stops. Put the electrode on the same spot again and the same thing is repeated, exactly the same – the same dream, the same thoughts. So the mind is a kind of tape – it goes on playing its old tapes – and you have to learn not to be identified with it.

All that is needed is a kind of witnessing. Become more of a watcher: see the mind talking – remember that this is a tape, that this is just an old gramophone record. You have moved from it long ago, it has no relevance to you, it has lost all context in your being but it is there. And unless you stop identifying with it, you will go on giving nourishment to it. Stop identifying and the nourishment is stopped. Sooner or later it will fade and fade and fade, will recede and will become disconnected from you.

So it is not a question of solving this problem or that; your only problem is how to get disidentified with the mind. Your energy has become part of my buddhafield – you need not be worried about it. Your love is so much for me that there is no problem in the energy. Just remember: whenever the mind starts playing a trick upon you, shake yourself – give a good jerk or jump or jog, shout – and tell it ’I know you. Enough is enough!’

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Look Before You Leap”

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