Osho on Mind NoMind

Osho – Truth is all around, but your interpretations are YOUR interpretations. God is speaking all the time, but you hear not, or even if you hear, you hear something else. You hear according to you, your mind comes in, and hence you go on missing.  Unless the mind is dropped you will not be able to know what truth is. Truth cannot be discovered by mind; mind is the barrier. It is because of the mind that you have not been able to discover it. It is not a question of how to train the mind to know the truth. The more the mind is trained and becomes capable, the less is the possibility to know the truth. The more skilled a mind, the farther away you are from the truth.

Mind is the barrier. No-mind is the door. How to attain to no-mind? The only way — the ONLY way — is to be in the present. The only way is not to think of the past, not to think of the future. And you cannot think of the present. That is the whole secret: you cannot think of the present; there is not space enough for thought to move. Thought needs room to move. Can you think anything right now? If you
think it, either it will be of the past or of the future.

This moment of silence. If you think, “Yes, this is a moment of silence,” it is already past. Or you say, “How beautiful!” It is already past. Utter a word “beautiful,” and it is already past. You cannot think. Thinking stops when you are in the present. So that is the only key, and it is a master key; it unlocks all the doors of being. Immediacy, that is the whole insistence of Zen.

If you go to a Zen Master and you ask something, it is unpredictable what he will do to you. He may hit you. Or he may not hit you; he may hit himself! Or he may say something absurd, totally irrelevant to what you have asked. Somebody asks, “How to attain Buddhahood?” and the Master says, “The cypress tree in the courtyard.” Now what? How are they related? They are not, but the Master is indicating, “Please, drop all this nonsense. Look at this — THIS — cypress tree in the courtyard. What nonsense are you talking about? — Buddha, and how to become a Buddha. You are talking about the past and the future. You have heard about Buddha in the past, so you have a greed, a desire. Now you want to become a Buddha in the future, so you have come to me. All nonsense.” He simply gives something immediate; he says, “Look! The cypress tree in the courtyard.” It is not relevant if you think in terms of the mind. If you think in terms of no-mind it is the only thing relevant.

A man comes to a Zen Master and asks, “What is the way?” And the Master says, “Listen,” and everything becomes silent, and just by the side of the Master’s hut flows a fountain, and the water is making the sound, the murmur. The sound of the water, the sound of the running water. For a moment everything is silent, the seeker, the questioner, is also. The Master says, “Listen. Hear. This is the way.” The sound of the running water? That’s all he has heard. And the Master says, “Hear! This is the way to become a Buddha, to attain to enlightenment.” He is bringing the mind to an immediacy, to a state of immediacy.

What is he saying? He is not saying anything about the sound of the running water. In that moment, when suddenly the Master shocked the inquirer — because he was asking about the way to attain to nirvana, and the Master says, “Listen”, it is so out of context, it is so unrelated to his question, that for a moment, out of the shock of it, the sheer shock of it, everything becomes silent. And when the Master says, “Hear. This is the way.” He is not saying anything about the running water or its sound. He is indicating the silent moment that has penetrated into the consciousness of the inquirer. He says, “Hear. This is the way.” If you become immediate you attain. If you live moment to moment you attain.

Source – Osho Book “The First Principle”

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