Osho on Miserable PeopleOsho – The miserable person can pretend to be a friend but in fact he cannot be. Friendliness is a luxury. It is overflowing energy — so much energy that you cannot contain it, you have to share it. That sharing becomes friendliness. And when you share because of your abundance there is no idea of getting, anything in return. In fact you feel obliged to the person who has helped you to be unburdened of a little of your overflowing energy.

The miserable person is a black hole. He is utterly empty. He has nothing to give. He is a beggar. He is hungry to get. He pretends to be a friend because that is the only way he can exploit, but he functions like a parasite.

The friendship that he shows is only a facade a strategy. Once you are caught in relationship with a miserable person then you come to know his reality; then he is exposed in his true colours. But then it is too late. He has entangled you. Now to leave him creates guilt in you — that you deserted a friend, a lover. If you don’t leave him you will become miserable, your life will become a curse. So to be with him is difficult, to leave him is difficult. And that’s what is happening all over the world, in all kinds of loving relationships.

Miserable people are intrinsically incapable of love, of friendship. They don’t have anything to give. Before you can give you have to have; hence I say only a blissful person can be a friend, can be a lover, can be a blessing to others. The miserable person is a curse, a calamity.

So my whole approach is how to make people more blissful — and then everything is taken care of. Once your bliss starts growing, it is bound to spread, bound to radiate, bound to reach others. And that reaching is friendship. And when you give for the sheer joy of giving there is beauty, there is grace, there is something divine in that. It is no more an ordinary phenomenon. The beyond has penetrated into it. It is pregnant with something transcendental.

Source – Osho Book “The Old Pond Plop”

One thought on “Osho – Miserable people are intrinsically incapable of love, of friendship”
  1. The message of an exploitative cult leader: make them feel like an evil pariah and
    only you know the true way to redemption and happiness. Been there, done that.
    Solshenitsyn said “If you are cold, don’t expect sympathy from someone who is warm.”
    You obviously are warm, and clueless as to what it is like to suffer cold. You have nothing to offer. If anyone is a sociopath, you are, feeding upon the fears and insecurities of others.

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