Osho on anxiety and love

Osho – Prem means love, and achinta means no anxiety. And remember that only love brings a state of no anxiety – and only love. Everything else creates a new anxiety.

You can go on changing your anxieties – somebody is seeking money, somebody is seeking power, then somebody starts seeking god – but all things will bring anxiety. Every desire brings anxiety as a shadow to it. No desire can exist without anxiety, and anxiety is hell, anxiety is destructive, because anxiety creates a split in you – you are tom apart. You are not one piece, not together, not integrated. Only love makes you integrated.

Jesus says,’God is love,’ and I say,’Love is god.’ It is not enough to say that god is love, because god may be many more things. Love may be just one attribute. I say that love is god. Love is all and all. Nothing else is needed.

That’s why there’s so much longing for love. One wants to love and one wants to be loved, because only in love are you in tune with existence. And when you are in tune, there is no anxiety. When you are out of tune, there is anxiety. Anxiety is symptomatic that somewhere you are not moving with the whole you are moving alone. You are moving separate from the whole – maybe diametrically opposite to the whole.

When you are separate you are in difficulty, because the whole cannot go with you – only you can go with the whole. And love gives you the first lesson in how to relax, how to trust, how to accept. Love gives you the first lesson in dropping the ego. When you love a person, you forget yourself. That very forgetfulness is the base of all religion.

Once you are in love you know who you are. Once you are in love you are in a deep contentment… a delight arises. And your lover becomes a window. Love never ends with the lover. The lover is just the beginning of love; then it goes on spreading. When you are in love you start loving all things. You cannot do otherwise. When you are in love you love the moon, you love the tree, you love the river. Suddenly you are so full of love that it goes on overflowing. When love overflows it becomes prayer.

In love you are lost. In prayer the other is also lost. A moment comes when there is no lover and no beloved… only love energy. That energy is delight and that energy is no anxiety. That is the goal.

Source – Osho Book “The Buddha Disease”

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