Osho on Darkness and Light

Osho – Man ordinarily lives in darkness. We are born in darkness. In fact darkness is a basic need in the beginning. There is darkness in the mother’s womb. It is needed because light will be a disturbance for the growing child. The child is so soft, so tender; it needs velvety darkness to surround it. And the child sleeps for twenty-four hours a day in the mother’s womb: light will disturb his sleep, and sleep is a must. In those nine months the child is growing so much that there needs to be no disturbance, otherwise energy will be diverted. So darkness helps the child to remain relaxed.

Everything in the beginning grows in darkness. You put the seed in the ground you dig a little bit, then you put the seed in. If you just throw it on the ground then it may not grow because there is too much light there. It needs the womb, the womb of the earth to grow in — there it is dark. Once the seed starts growing it starts rising above the earth. Then it starts reaching towards the sun, towards the moon, towards the stars.

The child is born physically he comes into light but spiritually he still remains in darkness. And that darkness can be dispelled only through meditation; hence meditation gives you a second birth. The first birth is physical, the second is spiritual. And that is the whole meaning of initiation into sannyas: it has to become a second birth. Physically you are in light, now you need another birth too — so that psychologically, spiritually also, you are in full light. And there is no difficulty in it, it is just that people are not aware of it. They never think about it, they have never bothered about it, so they remain only physical beings. They never grow spiritually.

While you are here concentrate your whole energy on meditation so that you can learn the secret. It is a knack. Just by doing all the meditations here, one day you will find which meditation fits with you. And the moment it fits something clicks. Suddenly you know ‘This is the method for me.’ And the knowing is so absolute and categorical that no doubt ever arises. Then move with that meditation, then let that meditation become the central-most thing in your life, because you will be born into light through it.

Light is another name for god. And to be born into that light is the whole purpose of sannyas. One moment you are born into that light you are enlightened. That is the meaning of the word ‘enlightened’ — because to be in that light means to become that light. One melts and merges and becomes one with it. You are not two; you are not the seer and the light is not the seen. You become one, you are the light. The last words of Buddha on the earth were ‘Be a light unto yourself.’

Source – Osho Book “I Am Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am”

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