Osho on Shivalinga

[A sannyasin said he had a hangup of wanting to possess an enormous penis and had felt this desire almost since he was ten. Having said this, he said he felt much better for having done so.]

Osho – It is good to say, because sometimes a few things simply disappear by saying them. And nothing is wrong in it. It is one of the most deep-rooted human desires. The sex organ is a symbolic thing. It is the symbol of all creativity, of all life, of all potentiality. Because of the symbol you have completely forgotten the meaning of it.

That is why all over the world the phallus has been worshipped for centuries – the shivalinga. People who started worshipping it were of the same desire, but they did well – they made the desire divine. If you go and worship the shivalinga, you never feel guilty. But if you think of an enormous phallus, you do feel guilty; you cannot even tell anybody. God cannot be symbolised better than by the shivalinga. It is the perfect symbol. God is the enormous penis. Once you understand it, the whole problem disappears.

So if you ask me what is the meaning of it, it is that you would like to become a very creative person; that you would like to give birth to something enormous, something bigger than you. And the desire is religious, and very creative, very artistic. But the word penis disturbs one because of our repressions and taboos and a thousand and one things that have surrounded that word. It is almost impossible to utter the word without feeling guilty.

But there is nothing wrong in it. You can have a shivalinga in your room, and whenever the desire arises, you can hold it, and get in tune with it. Suddenly you will see yourself full of light and energy. Once you condemn a desire it becomes a problem. And my whole idea is never to condemn anything. Find a way to appreciate and praise it. The problem is created by others’ attitudes.

You can drop the desire, you can suppress it and forget it, but if you are a creative person it will go on asserting itself again and again. And you are a creative person. Once you accept this desire, much creativity will come to you. You will feel completely relaxed. So find a good shivalinga and bring it to me. I will charge it, and then you keep it. It is perfectly beautiful. There is nothing to be worried about.

source – osho book “nothing to lose but your head”

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