Osho on Excitement and Master

Osho – You cannot excite a master, even if death is there, because excitement belongs to the mind. And you cannot surprise a master, even if death is there, because surprise also belongs to the mind. Why can’t you surprise a master? — because he never expects anything. How can you surprise a man who never expects anything? Because you expect, and then something else happens, that’s why you are surprised. If you are walking on the street and you see a man coming, and suddenly he becomes a horse, you will be surprised, amazed: what has happened? But even this will not surprise a man like Tokai, because he knows life is a flux — everything is possible: a man can become a horse even, a horse can become a man. This is what has been already happening many times: many horses have become men, and many men have become horses. Life moves on!

A master remains without any expectation, you cannot surprise him. To him everything is possible, and he is not closed to any possibility. He lives in the moment totally open; whatsoever happens, happens. He has no plan to meet reality, no protection. He accepts.

If you expect something, you cannot accept. If you accept everything, you cannot expect. If you accept and you don’t expect, you cannot be surprised — and you cannot be excited. Excitement is a fever, it is a disease; when you get excited your whole being is feverish, you are hot. You may like it sometimes because there are two types of fever: one that comes out of pleasure and one that comes out of pain. The one that you like you call pleasure, but it is also a fever, excitement; and the one you dislike you call pain, disease, illness — but both are excitements. And try to observe: they go on changing into each other.

You love a woman; you get excited and you feel a certain pleasure, or you interpret it as pleasure. But let that woman remain there and sooner or later the excitement goes. On the contrary, a boredom creeps in, you feel fed up, you would like to escape, you would like to be alone. And if the woman still continues, now the negative enters. You are not only bored, you are in a negative fever now; you feel ill, you feel nauseous.

Look: your life is just like a rainbow. It carries all the colors — and you go on moving from one color to another. It carries all the extremes, all the opposites: from pleasure you move to pain, from pain you move to pleasure. If the pain goes on too long, you may even start getting a certain pleasure out of it. If the pleasure lasts too long, you will certainly get pain out of it. Both are states of excitement, both are fevers. A man of understanding is without fever. You cannot excite him, you cannot surprise him.

Source – Osho Book “And The Flowers Showered”

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