Osho on experience of timelessness in love

Osho – If you can be loving in a single moment that is enough, because you never have two moments together. Only one moment is given. When one is lost, a second is given. You have only one moment always with you. If you know how to be loving in one single moment, you know the secret. You need not think about twenty-four hours, or of the whole life.

Only a single moment of love and you know how to fill a moment with love. Then the second moment will be given to you, and you can fill that second moment also with love. So remember, it is not a question of time. There is a question only of a single moment, and a single moment is not part of time. A single moment is not a process; a single moment is just now.

Once you know how to enter a single moment with love, you have entered eternity: time is no more. A buddha lives in the now; you live in time. Time means thinking of the past, thinking of the future. And while you are thinking of the past and of the future, the present is lost.

You are engaged with the future and the past, and the present is being lost – and the present is the only existence. The past is no more and the future has yet to be: they both are not, they are non-existential. This very moment, this single atomic moment, is the only existence – here and now. If you know to be loving, you know the secret. And you will never be given two moments together, so you need not bother about time.

A single moment is always – and it is always in the shape of now. Remember, there are not really two types of ”nows.” This single moment is the same; it doesn’t differ in any way from the moment that has gone before it, and it doesn’t differ in any way from the moment that is going to follow it. This atomic now is always the same. That is why Eckhart says, ”It is not that time passes. Time remains the same. Rather, we go on passing.” Pure time remains the same; we go on passing. So do not think about twenty-four hours, and then you need not think of the present moment.

One thing more. Thinking needs time; living doesn’t need time. You cannot think in this very moment. In this very moment, if you want to be you will have to cease thinking, because thinking is basically concerned with either the past or the future. Of what can you think in the present? The moment you think, it has become the past.

A flower is there – you say this is a beautiful flower. This saying is now no more in the present; it has become the past. When you come to grasp something in thinking, it has become the past. In the present you can be, but you cannot think. You can be with the flower, but you cannot think about it. Thinking needs time.

So in another way, thinking is time. If you do not think, there is no time. That is why in meditation you feel a timelessness. That is why in love you feel a timelessness. Love is not thinking, it is a cessation of thought. You are! When you are with your beloved, you are not thinking about love, you are not thinking about the beloved. You are not thinking at all. And if you are thinking, then you are not with your beloved, you are somewhere else. Thinking means absence from the now… you are not there.

That is why those who are too much obsessed with thinking cannot love, because even when they are there, even if they reach to the original divine source, even if they meet God, they will go on thinking about him and they will miss him completely. You can go on thinking about and about and about, but it is never the fact. A moment of love is a timeless moment. Then there is no question of thinking how to love twentyfour hours. You never think about how to live twenty-four hours, how to be alive twenty-four hours. Either you are alive or you are not. So the basic thing to be understood is not time, but now – how to be here and now in a state of love.

Source – Osho Book “Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol 1”

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