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Osho – The moment you are in a total standstill you have reached. Then there is no more. And this can be done any moment. If you understand, this can happen this very moment. God is life, God is existence, God is the case.

But there are problems; theologicians have created them. The first problem they have created, and because of which this remembering becomes impossible – to remember that you are already divine becomes impossible – is a very deep condemnatory attitude. You go on condemning yourself: you are the sinner. They have created guilt in you. So how can a sinner be, right this very moment, the divine? He will have to get rid of the sin; he will have to suffer for his sins, and time will be needed. He will have to pass through purifications, and only when he has become holy, a saint, will he have a glimpse of the divine.

Particularly in the West, Christianity has given everybody a deep guilt complex. Everybody is guilty – not only about your own sins that you have committed, but also about the sin that Adam committed in the very beginning. You are guilty for it. You carry a burden, a long burden of guilt, so how can you think, imagine, conceive, that right this very moment God is happening to you? The Devil can happen, can be imagined, but not God. You can think of yourself as the Devil but never as the divine.

This creation of a guilt complex was needed not for you, but for religions. Their business can continue only if they create guilt in you. The whole business of religion depends on the guilt feelings that they can create in the masses. Churches, temples, religions exist on your guilt. God has not created them, your guilt has created them. When you feel guilty you need a priest to confess to; when you feel guilty you need someone to lead you, to purify you. When you feel guilty you have lost your center – now somebody can lead you.

You can become a follower only when you have lost your center. If you are right in your center, no question of following arises. You can become part of a crowd only when you are not yourself. So you belong to Christianity, or Hinduism, or Mohammedanism – these ”belongings” are simply guilt feelings. You cannot be alone. You are so guilty you cannot rely on yourself, you cannot depend on yourself, you cannot be independent. Somebody, some great organization, some cult, creed, is needed, so under its blanket you can hide, and you can forget your guilt. And then you need some savior, you need someone who can suffer for your sins. This is just absurd.

Christians say Jesus suffered for the sin of the whole humanity. The whole logic is absurd. Adam committed the sin, you are guilty for it! Then Jesus suffers for you, and your guilt is forgiven, your sin is forgiven. So the whole deal is between Adam and Jesus – you are just puppets. Sometimes Adam leads you so you move into sin, sometimes Jesus leads you so you move into the kingdom of God, but you yourself are nothing. But to exploit, religions had to create the guilt feeling. Because of that guilt feeling that you are not accepted as you are, you cannot conceive of yourself as already in the divine, being divine.

With me this guilt feeling has to be dropped. You are not a sinner and you are not guilty. Whatsoever you are the existence accepts you. Whatsoever you are playing, whatsoever game, it is so because the divine wills it so. As you are, you are accepted.

This is the second thing to remember: don’t condemn yourself, otherwise nothing can be done. Don’t reject yourself, don’t be an enemy to yourself. Be loving, be friendly, and accept whatsoever you are. I am not saying that there is nothing wrong in you. I am not saying that you don’t need any transformation. You need it, there are many wrongs, but those wrongs are not sins; they are illnesses, diseases.

Someone has a fever: he is not a sinner, he needs our compassion, our help to come out of it. If we just condemn then he will also condemn his fever and then the whole thing goes wrong, because once you condemn your fever you start suppressing it. Then the man cannot say to others, ”I am feeling fever, I am feverish,” because the moment he says it everybody will think he is a sinner. So he goes on saying, ”I am healthy. Who says that I have a fever? If the thermometer shows it the thermometer must be wrong. I am okay.” He cannot accept his fever and then nothing can be done. He goes on hiding and suppressing. That is what you have been doing
There are many wrongs, but remember, those wrongs are just illnesses, not sins; errors, mistakes, but not sins. You are not guilty. You may be ignorant; you may not be knowing as much as is needed to live a pure and innocent life, but that means you are ignorant, innocent – not guilty. Try to understand the distinction very well, because on it depends much.

In this camp, to me you are divine. You may be erroneous, the god within you may be ill, the god within you may be ignorant, the god within you may be committing many mistakes – but the god is not committing any sin. What is the difference? When you commit a mistake you don’t condemn yourself, you try to understand why you committed it. The mistake is condemned but not you. When you call it a sin, you are condemned – you are wrong, not an act.

Your acts may be wrong, but you are not. You are totally accepted as you are. Your being is the highest flower that has happened to this earth. You are the salt of this earth. Howsoever erroneous, you are the very glory of existence.

Remember this: I accept you and I want you to accept yourself. Not that there is going to be no transformation, but that only through this acceptance transformation becomes possible. Once you accept your being there is no suppression, once you accept your being the whole being comes into consciousness. There is no need to hide and to push some parts, fragments, into the darkness, into the unconscious.

The unconscious is a by-product of Christianity. There is nothing like the unconscious. If you accept yourself, your whole mind will be conscious. If you deny, reject, condemn, then the condemned parts will move into darkness. Not that they will not act now, they will act more, but their action will be now hidden, perverted, disguised. It will not be apparent, it will take a hidden course. You cannot face it directly but it goes on working. The unconscious is created by guilt.

Once you accept that there is no unconscious, the barrier has gone, the boundary disappeared, and the conscious and unconscious become one – as they are really, as they should be. And when your conscious and unconscious are one you can meditate, never before it. Once your inner divisions disappear, once you become one inside, a deep silence descends upon you, a great blissful moment is reached – just by the disappearance of the boundaries, divisions, fragments.

When you become one you become healthy; when you become one you feel a silent wellbeing. Moment to moment you feel grateful to existence, a gratitude happens to you, and this gratitude I call prayer. It is not a prayer to some god. This gratitude is an inner attitude towards existence which has given you life, love, light; towards this existence which has blessed you in millions and millions of ways, and which goes on showering upon you more and more blessings – but a unity is needed within.

So this is the second point to remember: don’t feel guilty, don’t feel yourself a sinner, don’t feel that you are wrong. If you were wrong you would not have been. You are there because God wants to preserve you. You are there because God loves you. You are there, that’s why the whole existence supports you. You are there because you are worth the trouble. Accept yourself, have a loving attitude towards yourself.

Jesus says somewhere: Love your enemies as yourself. But no one loves himself, so how can you love your enemies as yourself? You simply hate yourself. If you love yourself, to me you have become religious. And a person who loves himself, only he can love others; a person who hates himself deep down cannot love anybody.

If you cannot love yourself how can you love anybody? If you cannot accept yourself how can you accept anybody? So your so-called saints who go on condemning themselves, they go on condemning the whole world – they are condemning everybody. The moment they condemn themselves they condemn the whole world. You are the nearest; if existence in you is condemned, then how can you accept existence that is far away from you, existing in others? No guilt, no condemnation. Wrongs are there, but those wrongs are not in your being but in your doing; in your acts, not in you. And your acts are wrong because you are not aware – not that you are a sinner. Those wrongs exist because you are not alert. The god is asleep in you, fast asleep; sometimes you can even hear the snoring – fast asleep.

My effort in this camp is going to be to make that god a little alert, to disturb the inner sleep, to help him awake. It is not condemnatory. And once you start being alert, you have started being different. Perfectly aware, you have reached; perfectly aware, you are in nirvana, in the kingdom of God.

Source – Osho Book “Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi”

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  1. Extremely wisdomful. Yes i am the puppet with so many strings attached to me. I don’t know that all my limbs are tied by many strings. Then there is the string PULLER. He pulls the strings tied to me in different directions, in different ways and i have to act as per the pulling force of the PULLER. The PULLER may use a particular string tied to me so that i may serve other puppets or beat some other puppets. And in retaliation those puppets also love me or they may beat me. Even the loving or beating by those puppets on me are only due to the pulling actions of the PULLER. This act of the PULLER is neither known to me nor to those puppets. I think those puppets are responsible and those puppets think i am responsible. So struggle is created between we puppets. So either we become friends or enemies. The great PULLER of we puppets enjoys HIS actions. We, the puppets think that we are the actors and the actions are ours. So for good actions we are elated and for bad actions we are dejected thinking that we are the DOERS. What happens if billions of puppets think similarly? Every puppet is affected by the great MAYA or Illusion. Only a selected few may REALIZE this PULLER. Only such REALIZED PUPPETS can help the other puppets to realize the Reality OR the PULLER Himself out of great compassion give Realization to a few puppets. That is how the great DRAMA is enacted.

  2. as i come across oshos works for the last 20 years. as now i read the work on guilt feeling. it is tremendously beautiful that no other has given clear vision other than osho. i would like to share my experience, that i dont know any thing about spirituality and religion, but i had conceptions and misconceptions about god and other synonomous words. but it crystalizes something me to exist and be present and flow. this is all i fell and nothing more than it talk.

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