Osho on sandhya twilight

[A sannyasin says: I have a lot of energy at twilight and it s very beautiful. I sing and I play the tamboura… it just comes.]

Osho – Very good… enjoy it. Everybody has a period in twenty-four hours, a special period. People don’t know about it, but once you know about it that will become your door to existence… so maybe twilight. Many people have entered into existence through twilight.

In India, the word ’sandhya’ – it means twilight – has become synonymous with prayer. If you go to an orthodox Hindu and he is praying, he will say ’I was doing sandhya – I was doing my twilight.’ When there is a change… in the morning, in the evening; when the sun rises, just before sunrise, there is a great change. The whole passive existence becomes active. Sleep is broken, dreams disappear. The trees and birds and life everywhere arises again. It is a resurrection. It is a miracle every day.

If you allow yourself to float with it in that moment, you can rise to a very high peak. And the same change happens again when the sun sets. Everything quietens, calms. A tranquility, a deep silence pervades the whole existence. In that moment, again if you allow, you can reach to the very depths. In the morning you can reach to very great heights; in the evening you can reach to very deep depths, and both are beautiful. Either go high or go very deep. In both ways you transcend yourself.

So if it is happening at twilight, it is very good. That’s your sandhya, your prayer. So be completely mad in it and put aside all reason. Reason is not very reasonable. Put it aside and just enjoy, delight and let things happen. Be possessed as if a great power has possessed you and is doing things and you are helpless and cooperating. A great torrent is taking you away to the ocean and you are going. No fight, no upcurrent effort… just going downcurrent, with the current.

Source – Osho Book “A Rose is a Rose is a Rose”

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