Osho on Serenity

Osho – The man of serenity is not disturbed by anything because he accepts. Sadness comes, he accepts it. Joy comes, he accepts it. He has no preference, he has no choice. He lives in a choiceless consciousness: whatsoever happens happens, whatsoever is is, and he is totally open to it. He drinks it, he absorbs it. He has no likes and dislikes, no preferences, no choices. He is not against sadness, he is not against anger, he is not against sex, he is not against love. He is neither against nor for, he is simply serene.

If you choose, immediately you are disturbed. Watch it: whenever you choose you will be disturbed. Choice brings disturbance, because choice means alternatives: to be this or to be that, to be or not to be. Choice means you are standing at a crossroad: now which road to follow? If you go to the right, who knows? It may just lead you into a cul-de-sac. Maybe the left was the right choice. Who knows? How to decide?

The moment you choose, you become disturbed. And you always choose against yourself, against a part of yourself. One part says, “Choose this,” another part says, “Choose that.” Now you have to decide, and in that decision you will be divided. The part that was saying, “Don’t choose this,” has been denied, has been rejected. That rejected, denied part will take revenge. Sooner or later it will say, “Now see what happened: now repent. I told you beforehand not to choose this, that this was wrong, but you didn’t listen to me.”

And the same would have happened if you had chosen the other. The man who chooses remains disturbed. Serenity means a state of choicelessness. Just like a mirror, it simply reflects, with no choice. An ugly man comes, it reflects. A beautiful man comes, it reflects. It has no choice; there is no question of choice. Just reflecting.

Sadness comes, and the man of serenity says, “I am sadness. This moment, this is how I am. This moment, this is my reality.” He does not compare either: “The last moment was better, I was joyous. Now I am sad.” He never compares two moments, he never hankers for something else in the future. Whatsoever is, he is totally relaxed with it. This is serenity — and out of serenity comes real knowing.

Source – Osho Book “Unio Mystica, Vol1”

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