Osho on Stress and Strain

[The ashram doctor who is setting up a medical laboratory says that while he really enjoys his work he tends to feel a certain amount of stress with it too… ]

Osho – No, that must be just an old habit. You have to drop the stress. The work has to be just a joy. There is no need to be in any stress or strain, because we are not performing anything. This is just your way of worship; this is your way of being here with me. You are not going to gain anything out of it, so why be in any stress?

Stress comes when one is result-oriented. You will not get anything out of it; you are doing it out of the sheer joy of doing it. Stress is irrelevant. Stress is natural when you are looking for some result, mm? Then the result is heavy on the head – whether you will be able to make it or not, whether you will be able to succeed or not, whether you will be able to compete with others or not, whether you will be the first or the second or the third, what is going to happen.

But here there is no competition with anybody; there is no result to be got out of it. It is just for the sheer joy of doing it. Because you know how to do it you would like to share, that’s all. So enjoy it. Learn how to enjoy it more and don’t be worried about it. Nobody is observing you and nobody is going to judge you.

This is one of the basic things every sannyasin will have to learn – that there is no result out of it. Then stress simply disappears. Stress comes always out of the goal. When there is no goal there is no stress. It is more like a morning walk than going anywhere. You can enjoy the sun and the birds and the trees and the people on the road. And you can turn back from anywhere because you were not going anywhere; there was no target.

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There”

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