Osho on Truth

Osho – All knowledge is borrowed. Truth is never borrowed, truth cannot be borrowed. Nobody can give it to you, nobody can take it away from you either. But knowledge can be given and taken. The universities knowledge, and the mystery schools deal in truth. But because truth cannot be given the whole methodology has to be different: it has to be discovered within you. And the first requirement is to put aside what you have taken from others. However valuable it looks to you right now it has no value at all.

Unless it is yours it is valueless — put it aside. First become utterly innocent like a child, knowing nothing, and from that point start searching. Then the search is very simple. But if you carry this whole load of knowledge and then you search, it is very difficult. It is going uphill and carrying a rock on your head, the very task of going uphill is difficult and then carrying a rock makes it impossible . It is swimming in the ocean and carrying a rock. Even without the rock it is difficult to reach to the other shore — now this rock…

I have heard that a beautiful naked woman was running in front of a madhouse and two people were chasing her. One was carrying two buckets full of sand. A person who was watching was puzzled; he asked ‘What is the matter? If you want to catch that woman — I know that she is mad — why is one of you carrying these two buckets full of sand?’ And the person who was not carrying any sand said ‘Last time he caught her, this time, this is his handicap.’

But this is how I see people, they are carrying so many buckets all of sand — they will never reach truth. Drop these buckets! Truth is not as difficult as it appears. For the innocent it is very simple, for the knowledgeable it is almost impossible.

Source – Osho Book “Going All the Way”

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