Osho on Waiting

Osho – Anand means bliss, vasant means spring – bliss spring. And when bliss comes it comes like a spring. It was not there and suddenly it is there; suddenly the whole climate is different. It takes you unawares. It comes very unexpectedly, and one never knows from where it will start and begin, which tree will bloom first, will have the first taste of spring, nobody knows. what part of your being will bloom first, nobody can say. It can be love, your heart. It can be intelligence, your head; it can be something else. It can be creativity – that suddenly you become creative, suddenly you start outpouring yourself into songs or poetry or painting. Or it may be that your silence blooms and all expression disappears and you are utterly silent. And that is the blooming of the spring – the flower
of silence.

One never knows which tree will start, which tree will be the first receiver, what part of your being will receive it first and when. Neither the time is known nor is there any way to figure it out. But when spring comes then everything changes. Then the whole life has a totally different quality. Birds are singing in a different way. There is fulfillment and trees are delighted. The whole feel on the earth has a new verve, a new joy.

It is exactly the same when bliss comes: for the first time you start feeling that life has meaning – that it is not a meaningless desert, that it is not just a drag, that there is joy, there was joy, there will be joy; it was just that you were not aware of it. And once you are aware, you are a different man, a new man.

Orange in India is the colour of the spring, the colour of flowers, the colour of life. It symbolises many things. It symbolises the fire because fire is life. It symbolises the sun because the sun is the source of life. It symbolises blood, because blood is the source of life. And finally, it symbolises the colour of the spring. So orange in India is called ’vasanti’ – the colour of the spring… when the whole existence becomes colourful, psychedelic.

I am giving you this name so that you can remember two things: one, wait for bliss. You cannot grab it; it comes like spring. One can only wait. One can wait hopefully. One can wait very expectantly. One can wait with great thrill. But one can only wait – nothing can be done about it. You cannot bring it; spring cannot be forced to come. It comes when it comes.

So the first thing to remember is that all that a man can do for god or for bliss or for truth, is to learn how to wait. But the waiting should not be the waiting of despair, anxiety, hopelessness. The waiting should be full of thrill, enthusiasm, trust, hope. And then it comes… it certainly comes! It is sure to come.

The moment waiting is total and you are utterly open for it, exactly in that moment, immediately, it happens. And when it happens, then only do you know what joy is. Before that, whatsoever you had known as joy was nothing but a kind of entertainment, merriment. Those were toys that you were playing with because the real thing was missing. Then all those joys of the past suddenly fade out. When the real comes, then only do you have the criterion to know what is unreal. All that you had known before simply becomes shadowy….

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There”

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