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Osho – Sannyas is the beginning of freedom: freedom from politics, freedom from religion, freedom from all kind of bondages. It is entering into universality, it is dropping the local boundaries. A sannyasin is neither an Indian nor an American nor a Greek, he is simply human. He is neither white nor black because he is not the body, and he is not a christian or a Hindu because these ideologies exist only in the mind and sannyas means disidentification from the mind.

The moment you know “I am neither the body nor the mind,” you have become free. And freedom brings peace, bliss and ultimately God. Only the rebellious spirit comes to release its fragrance. The non-rebellious remains in bondage, and in bondage there is no fragrance. Bondage stinks, freedom has fragrance. Bondage is ugly, freedom has beauty. And only the rebellious spirit can be free.

All the social forces are against individual freedom. Society exists by destroying individuals So one who knows this strategy, this situation, has to find ways and means to escape from the prison that the society and the church and the state conspire to build for everyone.

There are loopholes and the function of the master is to show you the loopholes from which you can escape. There are a few doors which you have not seen, which are unguarded. There are a few guards who can be bribed, there are a few guards who are absolutely drunk, and if you escape they will not even be able to see you. There are means and methods to cross over the wall. There are people outside the prison — those people are the masters, the Buddhas — and one can contact them.

Being initiated into sannyas means that you are trying to communicate with someone who is outside the prison, because only somebody who is outside the prison can help you to come out. He may supply a rope and a ladder, he may show you the way he has escaped. But one has to learn the language of rebellion.

Revolution is social, rebellion is individual. Revolution is political, rebellion is spiritual. Revolution intends to change the social structures on the outside; it is extrovert. Rebellion changes your consciousness, it changes your subjectivity, your way of looking at things. It changes you in your very fundamentals, at your very roots. And when you are free, you start blooming — the spring has come! And the fragrance that has always been there within you is released. That is the contribution of an enlightened person to existence: the fragrance that he releases into the world.

Source – Osho Book “If You Choose to be With Me”

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