Osho on Desires and Dreams

Osho – Our desires are dreams, all our thoughts are dreams. And we go on continuously living in dreams because we are asleep. Dreams can exist only if we are asleep, and dreams disappear the moment we awake. Going beyond dreams means awaking. It is time! Enough you have sleep… for many many lives. Don’t miss this opportunity to wake up because rare is the opportunity, and to miss it is very easy. So put your whole energy into waking up.

In the beginning it seems almost impossible — how to do it? But if one goes on trying… In sleep one tosses and turns but if one goes on tossing and turning, it is bound to disrupt the sleep. And just a moment’s glimpse of being awake is enough to trigger a new process in your being. Then more and more moments of awakening happen. And the day that one becomes fully awakened, twenty-four hours a day, even while one is asleep one remains alert, aware, when the body sleeps but the soul never sleeps, when one is capable of being awake twenty-four hours a day even when the body is resting — then one should feel contented. One has arrived. Before that, make every possible effort that you can. Don’t leave any stone unturned.

We live in desire. Desire means discontentment. Desire means that whatsoever is, is not right, not enough, more is needed. And desire is never fulfilled. It is unfulfillable by its very nature. You can have as much as you desire, but the moment you have it desire goes on jumping ahead of you, it starts asking for more. Its greed knows no limits, it is unlimited greed. It is like the horizon: it looks so close — you can reach it within an hour if you run. But you cannot reach it, you can never reach it. The distance between you and the horizon will remain the same, constantly the same, because there is no horizon; it is an illusion. The earth is not meeting with the sky anywhere, it only appears to be.

So is the case with desire. It only appears that if I could reach to that point, if I could attain to this or that, there would be contentment. I would be happy, I would be fulfilled. But it never happens. One has to understand desiring and its futility. In that very understanding desire disappears and one is left at home in deep peace. When there is no desire, there is no disturbance. Desire is the only disturbance.

When all desires have gone there is tremendous silence inside. In that silence you become aware of the presence of God, and that is fulfilling. That fulfils because it brings joy, infinite joy. It fulfils because it brings something of the beyond, something which cannot be taken away from you, something which is inexhaustible, something deathless. It opens the doors of the kingdom of God. It is your kingdom, because you are not separate from God and God is not separate from you.

So your work has to be to understand desiring; and in that very understanding it drops. You are not to renounce it, you are not to repress it, because if you repress it, it will come up again, if you renounce it, it will follow you. It is only through deep understanding that it disappears.

Source: Osho Book “If You Choose To Be With Me, You Must Risk Finding Yourself”

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