Osho on Listening

Osho – Whenever you ask questions you will feel distant, because when you are asking questions your mind has to prepare itself for action – you have to think and ask and so on. And when you are doing these things a distance will be created. Your mind is active then, and in this mental activity the meditation is lost. But when you simply listen your mind is defunct, there is nothing for it to do; you listen then with a kind of passivity in activity. When you ask there is an aggressiveness. Questioning is aggressive; there is an attack in it, a curiosity, an anxiety, the tension to know something. Questioning is an internal turbulence, and this creates distance. The moment your asking is over the mind is free to rest. Now there is nothing for you to do but listen.

Listening is not an action; nothing is required of you in order to listen. You have only to be here – no effort, no endeavor is expected of you. You just sit silently and you will hear. And as you sit empty, hearing me, not doing anything, meditation takes over. And if your mind dissolves fully in what I am saying, if you forget even the very fact of being here and simply dissolve, then certainly you will find that you have entered into another world. You can enter this world any time, even without me; it is just a question of getting the knack.

The knack is that when you are not doing anything – that is when you enter the other world. Then a new dimension opens that was unfamiliar up to now, in which the unknown approaches and the known disappears. If you feel when you are listening to me that you are transported to some other world, do not connect this fact to me; otherwise a dependency will arise. You will then become my slave, and this is the greatest hurdle in the spiritual field. You will be dependent on me, you will feel that your entry into the other world is because of me, and this is wrong. I am just instrumental. It is you who goes, it is you who falls back, but since your eyes are focused on me, the illusion is possible.

So perform this experiment at home as well, and when you are alone. You can do it sometimes with birds, sometimes with waterfalls, sometimes with the sound of the breeze that may be passing by, shaking the leaves of a tree. You can move into silence just as you do when you are near me.

Sitting by a river, enter into that silence. Now, the river is not your master, it does not even know that you are sitting on its bank. The winds are not concerned with you; the rustle of the leaves does not happen for you. Sitting near the tree you simply hear the sounds, and in a moment you will be transported into the other world. Then you will know that to depend upon a master is to create a new world, a new bondage. You change your master and you are just changing the bondage – leaving one prison to enter another. You arrange your next prison even before you have left the previous one.

If you become dependent on me, then this satsang, this divine communion, has proved destructive for you. If I become your only door of entry into the other world, then this door will also lead you only into prison, because without me you will be miserable. Then I am only a addiction. If the master becomes an addiction then the whole thing is meaningless.

Source – Osho Book “NoWhere To Go But In”

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