2 thoughts on “osho rajneesh – the idiot”
  1. I am follower of osho for over 20 years ,and have been Pne few times.I appreciate the idea to have centre like Pune at Goa and that for too free for people to come there and get spiritual knowledge, Being a Surgeon, i can guide about building a free medical centre for the people around and visiters where common illnessess can be taken care of. Goa has medical school, and many retired or in job specialist can be contacted and persuaded to make a pannel of specialsit,who can visit centre on specific days for their expert opinion . PLease provide me contact details of person who wants to build it,so that we can interact more frequently. I will like to communicate with like minded people here who are interested that osho commune should come up at Goa.
    Good luck.Good day.God bless- Arun 092251-15289 [email protected].

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