Osho - Sannyas has to be a commitment

Osho – Sannyas can become the dawn of bliss it depends on you, it all depends on you. If it becomes a commitment it can transform you totally. If it remains only a formality then nothing happens through it. Only when you are committed to something totally does your heart start functioning. The formal remains in the head, only the love affair reaches to the heart; and it is only when something reaches to the heart that it changes, that it transmutes.

Sannyas has to be a commitment, a deep involvement, a love affair. It can bring the dawn. People ordinarily live in a dark night of the soul. In fact they have never seen the light so they think that life is nothing but darkness. They have become accustomed to it; they take it for granted. They think it is all there is to life. It is not all, it is not even the beginning.

The darkness has to end. Only when you are full of light and when the inner sun has risen will your life have splendor, glory, meaning, significance. Then life is a song of immense beauty, of great music, of tremendous benediction. Let sannyas go deeper in you, and much is possible through it. All that one can need is possible through it.

Source – Osho Book “The Shadow of The Bamboo”

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