Osho on TATWAMASI word
Osho – This is freedom: to be free from all narrowness. If you are a Hindu, you cannot be free, you are very narrow. You are in a tunnel called Hinduism. If you are a Mohammedan, you are not free. If you think you are man, you are woman, you are not free — tunnels, all tunnels, all of them. If you think you are a negro or a white man, then you are not free — tunnels, all tunnels, all of them. If you think you are a communist or anti-communist, if you have some ideology to define you, you are not free.

Freedom means no definition. Undefined you are… as vast as existence itself. And that is the truth, you ARE that.

TATWAMASI: you ARE that. You are the whole, not a iota less. The part is the whole: let me declare it. It is very unmathematical to say that the part is the whole, but mysticism is unmathematical. If you go to the mathematician he will say, “How can the part be the whole? The part has to be the part. The part can never be the whole, and the part can never be equal to the whole, and the part has to be smaller than the whole.” Certainly, it is mathematically right, but mystically it is nonsense.

The part is the whole, EQUAL to the whole, not a little smaller, not a single iota less. Because the part is not separate from the whole, how can the part be smaller than the whole? Just think of a wave: the mathematician will say, “The wave is less than the ocean”; the mystic will say, “The wave IS the ocean!” How can it be smaller than the ocean? Can you take the wave away from the ocean? Can you take it away? Can you hold it in a box? Then you will know that the moment you take the wave away, it is no more the wave. The wave exists only in the ocean, as the ocean; it cannot be taken away. The wave is nothing but the ocean waving.

The wave is an activity of the ocean. It is not separate, there is no division. The wave is the ocean, the part is the whole; and when you remember this, then you declare, like Christ, “My God and me are one”; or, like el-Hillaj Mansoor: “ANA’L HAQ” — I am the Truth; or, like the Upanishads, “AHAM BRAHMASMI” — I am God, I am absolute, I am the whole.

source – from osho book “the path of love”

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