Osho on being control of situations

 [A sannyasin says: It’s easy for me to be in a situation that I’m in control of – when I’m in control I’m perfectly okay. As soon as the situation gets out of control, somebody else is in control then I get scared and defensive. I don’t like that.]

Osho – You will have to change this pattern, because if this is your condition of being okay, then you cannot be very okay. If you make it a condition that you will only be okay when you are in control, then you cannot be very okay. You will remain miserable – because in fact there is no possibility of your being in control.

Life is such an interdependence; how can you be in control? Even when you think you are in control, you are not; that is fallacious. Nobody can be in control. Life is so vast, so big, so complex, and we are so tiny, so small – how can we be in control? So you have a very wrong notion. Many people have that – that’s why they suffer. That is what the ego is. The ego feels okay when it is in control.

When the control is not there the ego starts feeling suffocated, it almost feels like a death. It is a death – but it is good that it dies. So seek situations where consciously you can see that you are not in control, and try to be happy – because that’s how life is Surrender to life, then you can be happy almost twenty-four hours – day in, day out, year in, year out. Then nobody can make you miserable. You go beyond misery. You are no more carrying a burden on your head.

Surrender to life. How can you control it? It is absurd, the very effort is absurd. You can be possessed by life but you cannot possess life. Just think, one of my fingers is trying to control my whole body – it will be absurd. The finger can only be controlled by the body. It is a part, and if it is surrendered to the body it will be happy, it will be healthy, nourished by the body. If it is fighting against the body and trying to control it, it will become ill. It will be paralysed; it will be cut off by the body. By its own struggle it will be cut off. So don’t fight life – surrender to it.

In the beginning it will be difficult because we have been brought up as egos and we have been taught to fight. So we have learned nonsense, and that is driving people crazy. There is no point. Just look! Such a vast universe; how are you going to control it?

Drop the fight. and then you are simply okay. Nobody can make you miserable. Misery simply disappears for you and a deep acceptance arises, a total acceptability arises. Then you can feel blessed. Not only that you feel blessed, you can bless the whole existence. Your blessing can pour into existence. Blessed, you become a blessing also. That is the meaning of jesus’s beatitudes, ’Blessed are the meek, because they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are the poor….’ What does he mean by this?

Blessed are those who are possessed by life and are not fighting and conquering and struggling against it. Those are the real poor people, humble people, meek – but they are blessed and they will attain to the kingdom of god. So don’t create a hell around you. For one month simply relax and see what happens, and then tell me. Good.

source – osho book “dance your way to god”

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